Tom Jackobs Body3 Fitness

Tom Jackobs Body3 Fitness

Bridal Extravaganza,

Your staff is incredible!  Very well run show again this year.

As an example of over-delivery of your staff, there was some booth sharing going on at booth 309 with a “bridal boot camp.” I’m not opposed to having competitors of mine at the show… as long as they buy a booth like I do every year.

When I told your staff about the booth sharing they were quick to resolve the situation and then monitored as the group would pop up now and then on Saturday with fliers, which were quickly taken away and disposed of.

So thanks for protecting my investment.  I will continue to be a part of the show.  We had our best show yet in terms of lead generation.  I think having the labels helped quite a bit. (Free labels for brides)

                                                      Thanks again!


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