Jaclyn and Cory

When Houston couple Jaclyn and Cory first met, they connected instantly. Cory was so excited when he purchased the ring, and couldn’t wait any longer to spend the rest of his life with Jaclyn!


BOTW: Kristan Morton

Kristan Morton

It all started in May 2014 with a little help from a great friend of ours. It was the night of the Dickinson Red, White and Bayou festival, Randy Rogers was set to take the stage. With the smell of crawfish in the air, Kristan had agreed to meet her best friend Candice and her sisters at the festival. All the while Chase was busy celebrating his best friend, Parker’s, college graduation with the plans of attending the festival later on. At this time Kristan and Chase were just mere acquaintances, only shaking hands once in passing.

What Chase didn’t know is that he caught the eye of Kristan long before the night of the festival. With an eager heart, Kristan had politely asked her good friend to put in a good word for her with Chase. That good friend quickly shot her down on that wish. Little did he know the universe has a funny way of bringing people together.

Both Kristan and Chase attended the festival with separate parties. Randy Rogers had recently came out with a song titled “Flash Flood”. This was one of Kristan’s favorite songs at the time. Little did she know how real the lyrics would become to both of them.

“Another day just rolling by in the same old town. Another drink at the local bar, hear the same old sound. That juke box singing solid country gold. I was just gonna pay my tab roll on home. Outa nowhere you come walkin in. Without warning I’m wondering where you been, all my life how did I find a women like you just in time.” [Read more...]

Houston Bride Cali plans her destination wedding

When Cali and her fiancé started planning, the first thing she did was to sign up for the Extravaganza! Her advice is to take it easy and don’t be a Bridezilla. She has found a few vendors here at the show. Currently, she is planning a destination wedding.

BOTW: Haley Cummings

Haley Cummings

It was Sunday June 12th and Mike (my fiancé) planned a spontaneous weekend trip to come home and visit the following weekend. Mike has been in Cleveland since April because he plays in the NFL for the Cleveland Browns. With that being said, since it was such a spontaneous trip it never crossed my mind that he could have planned out a proposal, let alone already have my ring. So, I go and pick Mikey up at Intercontinental Airport and am elated to see him! We have been doing long distance all year, with him being gone training in California, then signing with the Cleveland Browns, while I am finishing up my last semester in college at Texas A&M University (where we met) so any time we get together is precious and so exciting. When I picked him up excitement filled the car and he then told me he had a special surprise dinner planned for us on Saturday Evening. I thought nothing of it because Mikey loves going to nice steakhouses and enjoying a good meal, but I was thrilled for a romantic evening alone with him. Although Mikey would not tell me where we were going, he asked me to meet him at his home in Sugarland, TX before and we would go from there, and not to leave my home a minute before 7:00pm. This is when my brain started turning. Millions of ideas started racing through my mind because Mikey never cared what time I showed up at his home, the earlier usually, the better. I then began to think well maybe he has a romantic dinner set up at his home. [Read more...]

Signature Manor

Nestled upon 4 acres of land, Signature Manor is a unique destination in Houston for your wedding. Signature Manor along with Houston Event Planning offers absolutely everything you need for a memorable wedding celebration.

Your guests will immediately feel like royalty upon pulling into our paved circular driveway. That feeling will continue as guests enter Signature Manor’s exquisite entrance foyer to be greeted with dual wrought-iron grand staircases. Your guests will be in awe of our 20 ft. ceiling complete with a 9 ft. imported crystal chandelier. With a total of 5 lavish ballrooms, Signature Manor is sure to have a space that will accommodate your guests. Open up to nature in one of two upstairs ballrooms, each with an attached private balcony. Each ballroom has adjustable lighting and easily accommodates a DJ, live band and/or stage.

BOTW: Andrea Martinez

Andrea Martinez
When Jose and I met it definitely was not love at first sight. I still remember the day a friend asked me if I thought Jose was attractive and with a disgusted face I said “NO.” Little did I know a year later we would become friends and our friendship would flourish into a relationship.

On March 10, 2016 on our 10th anniversary, Jose decided to pop the question. We are huge Houston Rodeo fans and every year on our anniversary we get together with family and friends and see our favorite artist perform. That night I remember being too busy enjoying Luke Bryan’s performance, that I never noticed Jose missing. He was with his best friend trying to find the best place to propose. During the concert, Jose and his friend made up an excuse that they had gotten us into suite. They made us walk half of the NRG stadium to a balcony with a beautiful view of the carnival. My girlfriend who loves to take photos suggested before going anywhere else it would be a good idea to take photos with the view. I remember Jose grabbing my hand to take a picture. I was amazed of the Ferris wheel and all the lights of the rides that I couldn’t stop staring at the view. [Read more...]

BOTW: Krista Roger

Krista Roger
June 15, 2014 is a day I will never forget…. That was the day I met Wyatt Webb. From the moment I met him I instantly felt a connection. We were at our apartment pool, and little did I know he had just moved into the next building over from me.  I found out he had been in Texas for one year, and learned he moved from a small town 30 minutes from New Orleans, Louisiana. We talked for hours getting to know each other, and I had told him how I loved New Orleans, Jackson Square in particular. Something about that area is just so peaceful, and you can’t beat that view of the beautiful cathedral church and luscious green grass. About a month had passed since we met and we were pretty much inseparable. On July 13, 2014 we decided to make things official between us, and shortly after that he asked me to come back home with him to meet his family. Two weeks passed and we were on I-10 headed for Wyatt’s hometown. The next morning I had the joy of meeting his mom, grandmother, uncle, and two twin brothers over lunch. With time left to kill in the day Wyatt asked if I wanted to go into New Orleans and walk the city, of course I said yes! One of our last stops that day was Jackson Square where we took a few pictures and had good conversation. One of the things that was brought up was marriage… We talked about our future, and where we saw ourselves in 5 years. I told him if things continue how they are with us I would love to be engaged within two years because well…when you know, you know! One thing about Wyatt and I is the strong connection we share, so everything we talked about felt natural even though it had been a short amount of time. Months past, then a year past and I started to drop some hints about getting engaged soon, I Would even like pictures of rings on Instagram for him to see and get ideas. Well more time passed by and we were due for another trip to Louisiana, only this time for his friends wedding. He asked me if I could take off Friday from work so we could go to New Orleans since it had been a while. Not thinking anything of it I did. [Read more...]

Lakeshia Zeno is the next Billboard Bride

Lakeshia Zeno, Houston Bride, being photographed at The Grand Hall

A Room Full of Roses

Lakeshia Zeno, Houston Bride, being photographed at The Grand Hall

A deer greets us on this early fall morning at The Grand Hall at Deer Lake Lodge. This new rustic, chic wedding venue is in Montgomery, Texas’ piney woods. Today is the photo shoot for Bridal Extravaganza Show’s Billboard Bride.

This show’s winner, Lakeshia (Key) Zeno, will marry Clarke Isenhower in April 2017. They met on a church mission trip to Colorado in 2009 and became Facebook friends. Three years later Key moved to Afghanistan. She lived there a year before Clarke saw a picture of her and her travels on Instagram and contacted her. They began talking, but Key remained overseas for a couple more years. They started dating one and a half weeks after she returned to the states.

Isenhower pulled off the perfect engagement, with a little help from some friends. They took Key out for manicures (getting her fingers ring ready) and sushi. After a lot of sake, Zeno was taken to Clarke’s apartment where she began banging on the door demanding to be let in. The door opened, lights were off and “Die a Happy Man” by Thomas Rhett was playing on the stereo. Tea light candles illuminated a photo collage Clarke put together. A trail of rose petals lead to the center of the room where more petals were laid in the shape of a heart. He put her in the center of the heart and got down on one knee. After she said, “Yes, it’s about time,” they both wiped tears of joy from their eyes. His final surprise was a strategically hidden camera that captured the special moment.

Key attended the Bridal Extravaganza Show and entered the Be the Billboard Bride contest to “inspire people with her love story.” Despite all the negativity in the world, she encourages couples not to give up on finding love.

Today, Key Zeno and her mom arrive at The Grand Hall at Deer Lake Lodge and meet Mayra Malik, owner of Simple Beauty Artistry. Key will soon be on billboards all over the greater Houston area; hair and makeup need to be perfect.

As Malik explores style options for Zeno’s long hair, other vendors work on their projects. Ivan Garcia from Ana&Ivan photography scouts the area looking for the best natural light. This husband and wife team takes incredible photographs, with the perfect balance of technical know-how and creativity. Marissa Greteman assembles bouquets to enhance the photos.

Mrs. Taska Ventura has the stars of the show: three lovely gowns from her extensive collection. Zeno never tried on a wedding gown before applying to be the billboard bride and she loves the experience. From princess to beading to mermaid, this lovely bride-to-be looks great in every gown.

The Bridal Extravaganza Show takes place every January and July in Houston Texas. www.BridalExtravaganzaShow.com. You could be the next Billboard Bride.

Get this look:
Gown: Ventura’s Bridal Fashions
Hair & Makeup: Simple Beauty Artistry
Photography: ANA&IVAN photography
Location: The Grand Hall at Deer Lake Lodge
Floral Bouquet: Marissa Greteman

BOTW:Joslyn Reed

Joslyn Reed

“Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you your heart’s desires,” Psalms 37:4. Being one of my most treasured verses in the Bible, it is a constant reminder that our hearts truly find peace and fulfillment in Him.  It is said that if we truly find satisfaction and worth in Christ, scripture says He will give us the longings of our hearts. Ever since a young child, I longed to find the man of my dreams, longing to find the person God has created just for me! This verse replays in my mind even to this day, but beginning of 2013 I began to call upon the Lord like no other with constant prayer, patience, and determination for I was praying for my future husband.

Backtrack to six years prior…

I grew up in a sports fanatic family; my Dad would take me to all of the High School Baseball games whether they were home or away. Our town would go crazy over the High School baseball team; they were good, very good. In fact I looked forward to every Friday night game as we sat in the bleachers watching the team advance closer and closer to the state finals. Being a young scout myself, I along with my other 8th grade girl friends would scout out our favorite players mostly for their nice little baseball butts! The very talented blonde haired blue-eyed boy with a number 3 on his back always caught my eye. He was so handsome and to this very day I remember telling my friends about how dreamy I thought he was. Of course, #3 had absolutely no idea who I was until years later. [Read more...]