BOTW: Christina Trevino

Christina Trevino

Six years ago I thought I was the lowest point in my life.  I had just broken-up with my high school sweetheart and I thought I would never find true love again.  Shortly thereafter Scott came in and swept me off my feet.  We jokingly tell people from the moment we met we haven’t been away from each other for more than a day.  The truth is we really have not.

We both worked at a small engineering and construction company in San Antonio.  We would often run into each other at the company gym because coincidentally we were both training to run our first half marathon.  Running and fitness has always been a hobby of ours and it is what we enjoy doing together.  Since we have been together we have ran numerous half and full marathons, in addition to competing in various other fitness related endeavors.   We are both active and adventurous and we love the time we share with one another.  Those who play together stay together.  There have been so many adventures taken and memories made. [Read more...]


BOTW: Megan Winton

Meg Winton

To tell you about my engagement, I first have to tell you about the night that we started dating. On March 31st, he had reservations for us to eat at the Cheesecake Factory at Memorial City Mall at 11pm, which I thought was a bit late, but I went along with it. I found out later that he wanted to wait until after midnight to ask me to be his girlfriend so that we could start dating on the 1st, because every month has a 1st! Now, that involved some stalling when it came to ordering dessert, but the flowers and the cheesecake were brought out and everything went over smoothly.

Fast forward to a little over 2 ½ years later. We live about an hour apart while I attend nursing school at the University of Mary Harden Baylor. Over Thanksgiving break, we were shuttling back and forth from his family to my family (both live in the Houston area) so that we could spend time with everyone. On November 29th, he had been talking to me about taking me on a date, because school had been really busy and we had not had a lot of quality time together outside of studying for a while. I agreed, but he wouldn’t tell me where we were going. [Read more...]

BOTW: Keri Yee

Keri Yee

I completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Texas at Austin. Shortly after, I received an acceptance to complete my Masters of Science degree at Texas Woman’s University in Houston and moved back to Houston in the fall of 2011. Though I had grown up in Houston, being away for four years made me feel like a newbie to this city, and I wanted to explore new places and meet new people. It was at a mutual friend’s birthday dinner that I met Jonathan. Though I wasn’t actively pursuing anyone at the time after just moving back home, I found that Jonathan was so easy to talk to and we got along so well! We were both at first a bit shy in taking that next step in admitting our feelings for each other. Jon would ask our mutual friends when I would go to the next group gathering so that he could spend some time with me- I didn’t know he had taken such an interest to me, and he didn’t realize that I was interested in him! Finally on Halloween at a costume party downtown, our close mutual friend revealed our secrets (she thought it was crazy how we didn’t already know!) and suggested that we finally go on our first date together. We were surprised, but didn’t hesitate at her suggestion. We went on our very first date the next weekend and discovered we had a few shared passions-dancing, comedies, exploring quaint and curious landmarks in the city, and enjoying delicious and exotic new foods. We had so many common interests, including our plans of helping people through our careers in healthcare and research. We fell in love with each other and after four years of dating, we got engaged.

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BOTW: Kristen Bench

Kristen Bench

A few months before July, my Fiancé, Jonathan and I had talked about going somewhere for the 4th of July weekend.  With the 4th of July approaching, we decided to make plans with friends to go down to my family beach house in Surfside, Freeport. We all arrived Thursday afternoon.  We just relaxed and enjoyed the evening breeze on the deck. On Friday, we headed to the beach to enjoy the beautiful, sunny day.  We had plans to drive into Galveston later that evening to have dinner and watch the fireworks that were taking place in town.  We hung out on the beach catching up, playing volleyball, and throwing the football around.  When three o’clock rolled around, we started to head back to the house for an evening in town, or at least I thought.  I remember all of us girls conversing, laughing and having fun when my fiancé approached me saying that he and the guys were heading down stairs to get the truck started.  Of course I thought nothing of it.  As the girls and I made it out the door and down the stairs, I started to notice a lit tiki torch.  When I made it to the bottom landing, turning to head towards the truck, I saw my fiancé in the distance standing in the middle of red, pink, and white rose petals.  Leading up to him was a perfectly lit pathway of tiki torches and scattered rose petals.  I could not have gotten down that pathway quick enough.  Once I got to him, he reached for my hands and held them so tight.  He began to tell me about all of the qualities that he loved in me.  He told me about when he knew that I was the one for him.  He told me why I was the one for him.  He told me why he wants to spend the rest of his life with me.  And then he told me why he picked my family beach house to propose.

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BOTW: Rosalba Martinez

Rosalba Martinez

It was a day before my fiancé Jose’s 31st birthday when myself and his family had planned a “surprised birthday party” for him, Saturday June 27th  we invited all his family and my family as well. I was trying to do everything possible to distract him that day and keep him busy, since his birthday was the following day June 28th I told him I was taking him and his daughter Leilani out to a nice dinner. I blind folded him into my car and took extra turns while driving so he would not know I was actually taking him to his sister’s house. We arrived and we were able to “surprise” him as you can say, as a tradition to us Mexicans we had a piñata to hit, sing and break for everyone to get candies. [Read more...]

BOTW: Precious Knighton

Precious Knighton

After running a race at the first track meet of my seventh grade year I remember being pestered by a strange eighth grader who I had never seen before. He asked me a dozen questions and I realized that he was one of the popular boys that my mother warned me to stay away from. For the remainder of the school year I mysteriously ran into him after every single one of my classes and every time I went to my locker. On the last day of school he informed me that next year he would be going to high school and that we would never see each other again. Before getting on the school bus to go home I signed his year book with my phone number, and the rest is history. Zachary and I began dating September 17th, 2006 and it has been an enchanted journey ever since.

We went from high school sweethearts to college sweethearts in what felt like only a few years. I proudly rooted for him in the stands at all of his University of Houston football games in the fall and he cheered for me at all of my Rice track meets in the spring. Zachary graduated from the University of Houston in 2014 and in May of 2015 it was finally my turn. At Rice University there is a new tradition of celebrating commencement during a two day period. On the evening of the second day of commencement I had an extravagant party planned for all of my family and friends to celebrate my accomplishments. [Read more...]

BOTW: Malissa Peek

Malissa Peek

I actually had never been asked how me and nick met until that day at the extravaganza and even more, I hadn’t realized how cool of a story it was until I told it. I met nick … wait wait I heard nick for the first time about a year and a half ago. I had just finished judging a karaoke contest at a local bar when I heard the voice of an angel singing “I’ll be” by Edwin McCain I waited for him to finish singing and I all but rushed to him. You see I am a musician, lead singer of the band southbound 45 and I had just let go of my original rythym guitarist about a week prior. First thing I said to him was “can you play the guitar?” his response was “I got one in the truck.” My bass player,  nick and myself went outside and jammed out on a tailgate for a while. I told him to audition for my band. He bugged me for the whole week leading to the audition , about a million questions, and he of course nailed it. We put him in the band and as taboo as it is to mix business with pleasure the pull towards one another was magnetic. We tried to hide it from everyone but eventually we knew this thing we had was real and that we could not hide anything any longer. He was my missing piece and I was his. Everyone responded with the “we knew this was going to happen,”  “we could see it”. And the rest is history. [Read more...]

BOTW: Kacie Johnson

Kacie Johnson

Michael and I have been together for about two and a half years. We were introduced by mutual friends during my senior year of college at the University of Houston. Both of us have strong passions in our lives that began when we were young, and continued through high school, college and we are still involved in today- cheerleading for me and baseball for Michael. I was the Captain of the UH cheer squad for two years and now I am a coach at the middle school I work at. Michael played baseball through his younger years, continuing through high school and in college at Sam Houston State University. Michael is also a coach, coaching P.E. at a school and is currently coaching a collegiate team during the summer.
During our first summer together, Michael took a position playing professional baseball in a different state. It was one of the hardest times I have ever had to deal with. Being away from the one you love and not being able to be near them is very difficult. My parents helped fly me up for a couple of visits, but it was one of the longest summers!

This summer, Michael accepted a head coach position in a collegiate summer league in Victoria, Texas, with the Victoria Generals. He knew how much I would miss being separated from him, but he also knows I understand his passion and I am here to support his dreams. With him still in Texas, I can go and watch some of the games and get to see him frequently.

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BOTW: Nicole Weyand

Nicole Weyand

For a month before he proposed, Anthony would put us two into situations where I thought it could happen any second, but he would always find a way to ruin ‘the moment’! One Sunday evening we were driving around in the country near my parents house and as the sun was setting, he started insisting he had a song to sing for me! I got all flustered and anxious to find him singing a Cheech and Chong song! What a bummer! Then, I was having the worst day, the week of March 26th, but trying to make it better, I agreed to make dinner for the both of us. So, I went over to his house and as I was pulling everything out of the oven and getting it ready, I did not realize that he left. As I turned around to tell him it was time to eat, he was already sitting there on his knee with the ring out and asked me the ultimate question! It could not have been more of a surprise! I could not believe it for a moment and asked him if this was for real! It was truly sweet and simple in his cowboy way and I love him dearly for that!

BOTW: Stormy Veatch

Stormy Veatch

My fiancé, Joshua, asked me to go with his family on an all-inclusive trip to Cancun, Mexico to celebrate the marriage of his cousin. We were so excited for the trip, and could not wait to be strolling down the beach hand in hand celebrating the love of two people we were close to. The trip was in June 2014 right after we graduated from Texas Tech University, which is where we met in class. We had a graduation party together, and that is when he asked my parents for their permission. A few weeks later we were finally at the beach! The whole trip I had been begging him to take pictures with me on the beach, but we never had time because we were too busy having fun! Then one night, he told me he was going to go find one of his family members to take pictures while I finished getting ready. It was starting to get late and the nightly entertainment at the resort was about to start, so I left the room and ran into his cousin, Sarah, who was the one going to take pictures of us. She told me he had to do something for his mom real quick and that he would meet us down on the beautiful beach. Joshua finally met us there and we begun taking pictures. He started talking all cheesy (which he never does), and next thing I know he is down on one knee asking me to marry him. I am sure you already know this, but….. I SAID YES! It was all so special, and my Grandma blessed us with the stone from the ring her and my grandpa were married with. I was very close to my Grandpa and he is no longer with us, so it is a great thing to know the love they shared is now representing the love between me and Joshua.

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BOTW: Kaitlynn Arnold

Kaitlynn Arnold

Taylor and I met about 4 years ago right before I went to college. Taylor was already enrolled at the University of Oklahoma. Since I am a year younger, a mutual friend of ours decided to bring me to a get together with all the “OU” people so that I could meet them before going up there. Not only did I have some friendly faces around campus when I eventually did go up there, but Taylor and me completely hit it off. He asked me to be his girlfriend the very first week of school. Here we are 4 years later, one of them being long distance, and we are engaged.

The night of July 3rd Taylor told me we were going to go to The Grove for a happy hour so that I could meet some of his work friends. I got dressed up, knowing this restaurant was pretty nice. We have gone through the garden of Discovery Greens before, so I didn’t think much of it when he started leading me through the flowers. That is essentially one of the ways to get to the restaurant anyway. He then turned to me and started talking about how he had been working together with my family for the past month to put this whole thing together. I didn’t really know what he was referring to. He then preceded to tell me how much he loved me and how he wanted to stand before The Lord and make me his wife. He got down on one knee and that is when I completely lost it and started to “ugly cry”. I was COMPLETELY surprised. [Read more...]

BOTW: Kristi Jones James

Kristi Jones James

Hi, My name is Kristi James and here is my moment of joy & excitement….MY PROPOSAL

I am the future bride of Pete Sertuche Jr. and excited to say that the day I have waited for and dreamed about after dating for 12 years will take place on December 31,2016 at Our Lady of Victory in Victoria Texas. Like many others, My proposal is one that I never seen coming. Little did I know that the day before we were off on our trip, Pete secretly went and asked my father for my hand in marriage. I was stunned when he told me what he had done. My heart beams just thinking about it. I can only imagine the look my father had on his face when he asked. It was a planned trip to Cabo that was a much needed escape from our busy crazy lives. A week that was full of rest, relaxation and adventure. How beautiful the scenery was. It simply took my breath away. We quickly devoured every moment there together and I must admit that at times it felt like we were dreaming. The days were full of sunshine bouncing off the clear blue water and sand running through our toes. We took advantage of every moment we had together. [Read more...]

BOTW: Lauren Steele

Lauren Steele

My Amazing Proposal:
Proposals can be amazing for so many reasons; an unexpected surprise, a beautiful ring, conducted in front of friends and family, a beautiful setting, it is caught on camera, etc. Mine was all of these!
The Lead Up:
My fiancé and I knew we wanted to get married and we had found a great jeweler and were in the process of designing a ring we both loved. The jeweler had given us the wax version of the ring so we could see how it would look and he sent it to his shop to complete and told us it would be ready in a week. However, something went wrong when they were making it, and it was delayed (or so I thought). I was really disappointed as we had spent so much time looking at rings, deciding what we wanted and designing the perfect, beautiful ring.
Shawn forwarded me an email from the Jeweler describing what happened and that we would be able to pick it up after we returned from a ski trip in Crested Butte, CO and we scheduled to pick it up on Monday.
My sister was unable to join us on the ski trip and asked me if we could go to the Bernhardt Winery in Plantersville, TX on Sunday when we returned from our ski trip. This place has been very special to me and Shawn and we have spent many Sundays there enjoying their wine and the evening concerts they put on. We have always wanted my family to join us but it never seemed to work out. I thought this would be great that my sister finally wanted to go and she suggested that I ask my parents and brother if they would join as well. I knew we would be exhausted from the ski trip but it was a chance for my family to see the place that was special to us, so we planned to have dinner there and watch a concert. [Read more...]

BOTW: Martha Rodriguez

Martha Rodriguez

My fiancé, Rick, and I recently went on vacation to Playa del Carmen, Mexico. From the first day that we arrived to the resort, I had been suggesting that we take a walk down the beach in the evening (I love the sound of the waves and the peacefulness on the beach at night). On our last night there we still hadn’t had a chance to take our walk, so Rick suggested that we finally do so after dinner. We had dinner reservations at one of the top restaurants on the resort that evening, and enjoyed a lovely candle lit dinner. Before we went down to the beach, Rick mentioned that he wanted to go back to our suite to change his clothes. I agreed, with the thought that I could take advantage and change out of my shoes, as well.

On our way up to our suite, we were chatting about the overall experience of our trip and how perfect the evening was to walk the beach. The evening was truly perfect UNTIL… I stepped in a puddle of water that was weirdly enough in the middle of hallway. I was wearing wedges, so when I stepped in the water, it got in my shoes and on my toes. From that point and all the way to our suite, which was clear across the other end of that hallway, I complained the ENTIRE time. “There is water in between my toes!”, “Why in the WORLD would there be a puddle of water right in the middle of the hallway?!”, “I mean, was that even water?! Eww! EWW! What if it wasn’t water?!” My only concern was to wash my feet ASAP.

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BOTW: Miracle Simpson

Miracle Simpson


The day I got engaged was just a regular day. No holiday, no special occasion. Just a Saturday…or so I thought.

I had just returned to Houston after being on a four day trip to Dallas for one of my sorority sister’s dental school graduation. As soon as I got back in town, I met up with Chris and went to his aunt’s house for a birthday party. It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon with food, family, friends, and really good cake!

When living in Houston, the one thing you can count on is crazy weather that changes with no warning. I looked outside expecting to enjoy a view of the beautiful day but instead was met with a completely black sky. When Chris realized it was about to storm he wanted to leave the party immediately. I was thinking, “There is a whole tsunami about to happen and he wants to drive home while the world is coming to an end?!?!” Because he was so insistent on leaving, I went along with it and just got my purse (and a to-go plate).

On the drive to his house, Chris held my hand and told me he loved me for about the third time that day. I had no idea of what was to come and just thought that he really missed me since I had been out of town. We arrived at his house safely and Chris suggested that we sit in his newly decorated garage turned man-cave and watch the rain. As we walked through the garage, Chris suddenly reached for his leg and fell to the floor in pain saying, “I have a cramp!” He gets those from time to time so I wasn’t alarmed. I said, “Get up and shake it off. You will be alright.” He touched my leg and said, “Miracle help me.”

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BOTW: Neesha Ochoa

Neesha Ochoa

To start with once upon a time could be misleading because when you have found your soul mate the storybook romance should start as “ And so our time begins”. And so our time begins, as though my life was not whole until I met my gentleman Dwayne. We met through a mutual friend who insisted that she introduce her friend to me. I truly didn’t pay her much mind. I was to busy playing scrabble. And the story could start with I played scrabble with him online, but the truth is we were meant to meet. As I got better at playing a favorite opponent, I noticed that low and behold this was the same person my “cupid” friend wanted me to meet.  And so our time begins… we met for lunch and we’ve been inseparable ever since. Our engagement… There was the casual talk of engagement over the previous months as we had been attending several weddings however truly I didn’t know that Dwayne had given much thought to an engagement because life was happening around us. I was in nursing school, he was moving up in his job. We had several events coming up and decided to attend a wonderful family event.  Unbeknownst to me he had already spoken to my parents and had only given a select few, hints of a great surprise. At the end of the gathering Dwayne announced to everyone that he had a very selfish but important announcement. [Read more...]

BOTW: Nylvantia Rahaman

Nylvantia Rahaman

Me and Caston have been dating for about 5 years since 2010 but we have known each other for our whole life since our families have been so close to each other. People say that love at first site does not happen, but I disagree. When I first met him and we started talking, I could not help but smile and get butterflies in my stomach. I still get the feeling every time I am around him. I know every girl says that, but I am extremely happen about our life and where it is going. We have been talking about marriage for a while, we have a 2 year old child and it was time for marriage. I knew already at some point I was going to get the ring. On Christmas Eve I was getting ready for the day and our son was ready and he said he would be right back he had to get something, now I was not expecting it to be a ring I knew it was my gift because he likes to give it early. When he came up stairs I was sitting on the couch and he gets down on one knee and says I am the love of his life and he wants to continue to grow our family and our life together. When he told me that I cried my eyes out, It was the perfect setting, I love the intimate just me and him. I am the type of person who does not like all the attention, so this was a perfect way to me to propose to me. I appreciate the thought he put into it. Of course I said Yes, and I am more excited than anything.

BOTW: Olivia Montagna

Olivia Montagna

My fiance, Dillon Robinette and I met in college at Texas A&M. He was in the Corps of Cadets and was commissioning into the Army as a Second Lieutenant upon graduation. A few months before graduating, he was told the Army would be stationing him in Ft. Drum, NY. Dillon has been in New York since November 2014. I still living in Texas, would travel every couple of months to visit. (Gotta love long distance) I was planning for what would be my last trip for a while since Dillon was going to be attending Army Ranger School and I was starting my first job as a Life Style Coordinator for Cane Island- a new master planned community.

I travel to upstate New York and am enjoying my visit with Dillon. The weekend was approaching and he asked if I wanted to go hiking in Lake Placid. I of course said yes, because I have been wanting to hike the peaks in the Adirondacks for quite some time and it is one of our favorite places. When I visited over New Years, we went and visited the town and did fun things like dog sledding and tubing at the Olympic training center. Dillon and I love adventures and enjoy trying new things. He thought it would be a good idea to pack picnic lunch for us to enjoy at the top of the mountain. He tells me to pack nice clothes for dinner after our hike. (He wouldn’t give any hint as to what we were doing afterwards thus my suspicions were mounting) It was a beautiful 2 hour car ride. The weather was in the high 60′s and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.

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BOTW: Sylvia Orosco

Sylvia Orosco

Tuesday, June 30th the alarm sounds to wake up and neither one of us wanted to get out of bed, which made it clear why I kept snoozing and snoozing it, must have been 6 times.  We were just laying around and spoke about how slow the work week was going and we couldn’t wait for Thursday, because we would set off to Nashville, Tennessee for our Fourth of July weekend (I would be lying if I said I didn’t have a feeling it would happen 4th of July weekend with the beautiful fireworks going on).

Finally we headed out at the same time and just like every morning Matt gives me a sweet kiss saying, “alright baby, see you later, be careful, and I love you so much!”  I walk off to head to my car, while Matt awaits for the elevator to arrive to take him level 5 where his truck is parked, I look back and he is watching me walk off smiling and like always I yell “I love you SO much and can’t wait to see you later!”  When I got in my car I couldn’t stop smiling at the thought what a lucky girl I am and thinking “god I want to marry that man.”

That afternoon around 2ish he had a meeting to tend to at Rudy’s BBQ in Spring …. And, coincidentally my parents were in town from Lake Livingston to take my baby nephew to the doctor in The Woodlands and later on were going to eat at Rudy’s BBQ for a late lunch. [Read more...]

BOTW: Lauren Thornton

Lauren Thornton

Lauren’s good friend, Robert, is a jeweler by trade and he helped Alex design the perfect ring based on Lauren’s inspiration and desires. Alex found a way to meet with Robert, while he was off work in between offshore hitches, to design the ring and plan the perfect proposal. Alex had been to all of Lauren’s previous gigs with her band and the Fourth of July extravaganza at the Sugar Land Town Square gave him the perfect platform for the proposal. Alex attended the performance, helped setup the stage, and even ran off to fetch sunscreen, like a good groupie. During the show, he was amazed by Lauren’s stage presence and knew that night was the night he would commit himself to Lauren.

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BOTW: Francesca Balestrine

Francesca Balestrine

I have just recently become engaged this June on the 5th with my now fiancé Martin Gonzalez. It was actually just a day after his birthday and a few days before mine when he popped the question. Our birthdays are only 4 days apart, but we are several years apart in age. My story began once he told me we were going to Riverside, California (which is his home town) to support his younger brother graduating from high school. He really wanted to be there for him as he was proud. The first night we get there I meet a bunch of family and friends as we enjoy the night together catching up before the day my life took a big step! The following morning consisted of heading to the beach to enjoy some fun in the sun; we have a group of people with us to have some quality time with Martin since they all missed him in his absence living in Texas. After several hours at the beach the ride home seemed to be a quiet one since everyone was exhausted from being out in the sun. On the way back we head out to eat some great food to fuel us for the rest of the day. At dinner we all come to a decision to drive up a near by mountain to watch the sunset, but we start running behind because I needed a sweater as I was still in swim suit attire I knew I would get cold out there. At this point we are literally trying to catch the sun and my fiancé is speeding up the mountain trying to trail his friend since we took two vehicles to fit our group. I start to panic a bit since I get carsick. I tell him to slow down as I start to stress the fact we are only going higher and not slowing down (I’m also scared of heights). [Read more...]

BOTW: Shi Barajas

Shi Barajas

On the day of our four and a half year anniversary my fiancé took me on a spontaneous trip to Austin. Being such a spontaneous trip we had no idea where we were going once we arrived. Then we read about this mountain, Mount. Bonnell, which is said to be a great place to watch the sunset or even gaze at the stars. So being a place that neither of us had ever seen before, we decided that we would see what it was like before coming back that evening. While walking around we came upon a beautiful rock ledge hanging off the side of the mountain overlooking the water below. At that moment we knew we had found the perfect spot to watch the sunset. Later that evening after a day full of site seeing and enjoying nature we headed back to the mountain. As we got closer to the mountain we began to notice the parking lot was nearly full with more cars pouring in by the second. As we made our way to our spot we had picked out earlier that day every rock, bench, and any other place that was available to sit was full. [Read more...]

BOTW: Sonya Noruwa

Sonya Noruwa

Proposal Story: my fiancé Bryan told me we would be going on a road trip so pack lightly. I didn’t know what he meant so as usual I overpacked. I initially assumed it would be a trip to Austin until he began driving us straight to Bush Intercontinental Airport for a flight to Vegas! I was super excited since Vegas was our first trip together so he decided to make it special not to mention it was my birthday! So the whole day on February 26th was perfect! We had a great time and we got dressed for a very elegant dinner at Nobu. I’m allergic to nuts so he called ahead and they made me a special menu! I was shocked that he went through such lengths to make my birthday awesome. Dinner was nearly over when he told me to pick out a dessert. I didn’t want one but he insisted. So the waiter brings it out and I close my eyes to make a wish for the candle. Once I opened my eyes he asked me what Did I wish for and I told him “health and prosperity” lol. Then he began talking and before I knew t he was one his knee!!! I was at a loss for worried but my reaction said it all: I started clapping for myself! And there you have it, my birthday-engagement!

BOTW: Uwaila Osemwota

Uwaila Osemwota

On June 11, 2016, my now fiancé Walter proposed to me. A week or so before that day Walter informed me that he wanted to take me out to a nice restaurant just because we hadn’t been out in awhile. He told me that he would be wearing a suit and that I should make sure that I had an outfit suitable for a five start restaurant (because he knows I enjoy dressing up). The days leading up to our extravagant date I was very excited because we both needed to distress and enjoy each other’s company. I did not think much of it until we were on our way to this surprise five star restaurant and Walter all of a sudden realizes that he forgot his wallet on my couch when picking me up from my home. “Oh wow Uwaila, I think we’re going to have to turn around to go get it” he said. “Well what about our reservations? Aren’t we going to lose them?”  I replied. Despite our reservation time Walter decided to turn around to get his wallet. At this time I was a bit irritated because I was quite hungry and was not sure how much longer I could go for.  We finally arrived at my house about 30 minutes later and to my surprise when I came into the house I heard, “Surprise!” My house was filled with family and friends. When I got over the shock, that was when my love Walter asked me to be his and I said YES! The date of our wedding is expected to be August 26, 2017, but has not been confirmed yet.  I could not decide on a picture so here are a few. Thank you for considering me to be a billboard bride.

BOTW: Jocelyn Litton

Jocelyn Litton
Nick and I met a couple of months before he graduated from high school, and though he already had plans to enlist into the Marine Corp that summer, giving us very low chance of staying together, we still decided to date. He left that summer on my 18th birthday. For three months, our only way of communication was through letters. After graduating from basic training that October, he was stationed to 29 Palms, CA, and I was stuck in Texas finishing my final year of high school. We continued date however, and saw each other briefly throughout the year. After graduating high school, I began college at Texas A&M University, while Nick was given orders to Okinawa, Japan. We still continued to date. [Read more...]

BOTW: Mukosolu Nweke

Mukosolu Nweke

So the way he proposed to me was everything and more. He ask if I wanted to go to the bridal extravaganza with him and his mom and my best friend and I asked him why would I go there. That’s only for married people. So he then got on one knee and asked me, well if it’s for married people why don’t you marry me? I was so shocked at the moment I began to cry. All of my family and his family were all there and it just made my day. I’m so happy to be marrying him on July 8, 2017.

BOTW: Gabriel Brown

Gabriel Brown

It is very exciting to hear that we have been picked as one of your finalist for this year! You have no idea how much! I will try to keep my response to the point. I can only imagine how carried away some get in responding to your email. My fiancé and I actually met in the toothbrush aisle in Walmart. It was one of those double take moments when someone walks by you that is attractive and you can’t help but look twice! He stopped to look at the cheaper brand and I mustered up the courage to inform him that it’s better to invest in a good toothbrush if he didn’t want to be right back to buy another one. Let him tell it he spoke to me first, but we both know the truth lol. We have been together for around 4 years. I know, a little longer than most but we both wanted to invest time into getting to know each other COMPLETELY before marriage.  We both have only wanted to say “I Do” to one person. He proposed to me by writing me a 4 page letter while I was away visiting family. He told me he was sending a package in the mail but didn’t specify what it was. After two days of calling to see if it had arrived,it came in the mail. Now my fiancé is truly one of a kind and has to be original in everything he does, and I do mean everything! He wrote out in a 4 page letter how he had fallen in love with me for 4 years over and over again! If you can only imagine reading this letter in my mothers living room balling crying reading this letter. [Read more...]

BOTW: Uchechi Azuike

Uchechi Azuike
My proposal story actually starts months before the actual proposal. My fiance Steve went to with his father to meet with my father to officially ask for my hand in marriage and get my parent’s blessing. Unfortunately for him, my dad couldn’t let it be easy so he did not give his answer right away. After letting him sweat it out for a few days, he finally got the call from my dad to officially give him his blessing. Steve then called each of my 3 siblings in order and also asked for their blessing before proposing to their baby sister.

My whole family was in on it after this and knew everything before I did. I don’t know how he pulled it off, both of our schedules are pretty difficult to work around. He had just finished taking the Texas Bar Exam and I was in my first year of my pediatric residency. Being a pediatric resident, I don’t have a lot of time off, especially on weekends. Steve had me make sure I requested at least one Saturday off during one of my busiest months.  Then he recruited my sisters and my brother to help him. The weekend before the proposal my older sister had me meet her at the galleria too look for outfits and told me that we would be going to a fashion show on the upcoming Saturday. [Read more...]

BOTW: Arva Smith

BOTW Arva Smith
My fiancé and I met in the halls of our high school. I was going to the front office to meet my mom and he on the other hand. Well, who knows why he was in the hall during class. From the time we meet we knew that we wanted to buy a home by the time we reached our mid twenties.

Fast forward to July 3, 2016 we had our first housewarming with friends and family present. Cody and I were in standing in front of the fire place toasting and saying thanks to everyone for coming out and showing support. Cody started out leading the toast and I interrupted and took over the speech. Sometimes I get nervous and I babble on. By the time I noticed it I had ended the toast and made everyone cheers there wine glasses. Little did I know Cody was not done with his speech as he gathered everyone’s attention again. He talked about how I was his first girlfriend and how he is so proud to be my man and wake up with me every morning.  Before I knew it he had pulled out a ring and I immediately broke down crying ” boo who” tears . It was exactly how I ever dreamed a proposal should be. I would feel it in my heart when the question was asked “Will you marry me?”. I cried with disbelief , happiness, and overjoyed . Before I knew it my family had to catch me before I fell backwards from crying ,but Cody came to me and grabbed my hand and was on one knee. I said “Yeeeesssss” and was on blended knee with him.

Cody and I have now been engaged 3 weeks!!! We are hoping for a wedding date of 07-03-2017. I would love to send you our proposal video it’s unbelievable. We actually watch it everyday and still tear up.

BOTW: Leah McCollum

BOTW Leah McCollum

For months my fiancé had been teasing and torturing me about the plans he had secretly made for my birthday. He would often ask me if I wanted to know what he had planned and then he would start laughing because we both knew he would never tell me. The morning of my birthday arrived and I waited anxiously to begin the drive to ‘somewhere’. As Josh drove, I began a game with myself. Based on the exits he took and turns he made, I started to guess where he was taking me. After a few incorrect guesses, his truck took the 288 exit and I instantly knew where I was going. My stomach began to churn and my heart started to race as he headed towards Rosharon, home to Skydive Spaceland. At the beginning of our relationship we would retell our previous skydiving experiences to each other, and eventually we decided that a skydiving adventure together would be necessary. [Read more...]