BOTW: Mukosolu Nweke

Mukosolu Nweke

So the way he proposed to me was everything and more. He ask if I wanted to go to the bridal extravaganza with him and his mom and my best friend and I asked him why would I go there. That’s only for married people. So he then got on one knee and asked me, well if it’s for married people why don’t you marry me? I was so shocked at the moment I began to cry. All of my family and his family were all there and it just made my day. I’m so happy to be marrying him on July 8, 2017.


BOTW: Gabriel Brown

Gabriel Brown

It is very exciting to hear that we have been picked as one of your finalist for this year! You have no idea how much! I will try to keep my response to the point. I can only imagine how carried away some get in responding to your email. My fiancé and I actually met in the toothbrush aisle in Walmart. It was one of those double take moments when someone walks by you that is attractive and you can’t help but look twice! He stopped to look at the cheaper brand and I mustered up the courage to inform him that it’s better to invest in a good toothbrush if he didn’t want to be right back to buy another one. Let him tell it he spoke to me first, but we both know the truth lol. We have been together for around 4 years. I know, a little longer than most but we both wanted to invest time into getting to know each other COMPLETELY before marriage.  We both have only wanted to say “I Do” to one person. He proposed to me by writing me a 4 page letter while I was away visiting family. He told me he was sending a package in the mail but didn’t specify what it was. After two days of calling to see if it had arrived,it came in the mail. Now my fiancé is truly one of a kind and has to be original in everything he does, and I do mean everything! He wrote out in a 4 page letter how he had fallen in love with me for 4 years over and over again! If you can only imagine reading this letter in my mothers living room balling crying reading this letter. [Read more...]

BOTW: Uchechi Azuike

Uchechi Azuike
My proposal story actually starts months before the actual proposal. My fiance Steve went to with his father to meet with my father to officially ask for my hand in marriage and get my parent’s blessing. Unfortunately for him, my dad couldn’t let it be easy so he did not give his answer right away. After letting him sweat it out for a few days, he finally got the call from my dad to officially give him his blessing. Steve then called each of my 3 siblings in order and also asked for their blessing before proposing to their baby sister.

My whole family was in on it after this and knew everything before I did. I don’t know how he pulled it off, both of our schedules are pretty difficult to work around. He had just finished taking the Texas Bar Exam and I was in my first year of my pediatric residency. Being a pediatric resident, I don’t have a lot of time off, especially on weekends. Steve had me make sure I requested at least one Saturday off during one of my busiest months.  Then he recruited my sisters and my brother to help him. The weekend before the proposal my older sister had me meet her at the galleria too look for outfits and told me that we would be going to a fashion show on the upcoming Saturday. [Read more...]

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BOTW: Arva Smith

BOTW Arva Smith
My fiancé and I met in the halls of our high school. I was going to the front office to meet my mom and he on the other hand. Well, who knows why he was in the hall during class. From the time we meet we knew that we wanted to buy a home by the time we reached our mid twenties.

Fast forward to July 3, 2016 we had our first housewarming with friends and family present. Cody and I were in standing in front of the fire place toasting and saying thanks to everyone for coming out and showing support. Cody started out leading the toast and I interrupted and took over the speech. Sometimes I get nervous and I babble on. By the time I noticed it I had ended the toast and made everyone cheers there wine glasses. Little did I know Cody was not done with his speech as he gathered everyone’s attention again. He talked about how I was his first girlfriend and how he is so proud to be my man and wake up with me every morning.  Before I knew it he had pulled out a ring and I immediately broke down crying ” boo who” tears . It was exactly how I ever dreamed a proposal should be. I would feel it in my heart when the question was asked “Will you marry me?”. I cried with disbelief , happiness, and overjoyed . Before I knew it my family had to catch me before I fell backwards from crying ,but Cody came to me and grabbed my hand and was on one knee. I said “Yeeeesssss” and was on blended knee with him.

Cody and I have now been engaged 3 weeks!!! We are hoping for a wedding date of 07-03-2017. I would love to send you our proposal video it’s unbelievable. We actually watch it everyday and still tear up.

BOTW: Leah McCollum

BOTW Leah McCollum

For months my fiancé had been teasing and torturing me about the plans he had secretly made for my birthday. He would often ask me if I wanted to know what he had planned and then he would start laughing because we both knew he would never tell me. The morning of my birthday arrived and I waited anxiously to begin the drive to ‘somewhere’. As Josh drove, I began a game with myself. Based on the exits he took and turns he made, I started to guess where he was taking me. After a few incorrect guesses, his truck took the 288 exit and I instantly knew where I was going. My stomach began to churn and my heart started to race as he headed towards Rosharon, home to Skydive Spaceland. At the beginning of our relationship we would retell our previous skydiving experiences to each other, and eventually we decided that a skydiving adventure together would be necessary. [Read more...]

BOTW: Melissa Luna

Melissa Luna

For as long as I can remember, Matthew and I have been going to the beach. It was either for a summer getaway in high school or for Christmas breaks in college. We even made a promise that every time he came down; we were going to make sure to take a trip to South Padre, even if it was just for a day. When Thanksgiving break came around, I thought our trip to the beach was nothing more than our ritual. Matthew had mentioned that we were going to stay at the same hotel his grandmother used to stay at when he was younger (his grandmother passed away from breast cancer his plebe year at West Point and he was very close to her).  I thought it was such a sweet gesture because I knew it was a little expensive for us. Little did I know, that was his little connection to having her be there with us on our special day. On Thanksgiving Day, we went through our usual routine of splitting the day between both of our families and then we were planning on heading out to South Padre that evening. When the time came to head out, I put on some random shirt that was comfy but cute and headed out (I mean, all I thought was that maybe we’d go to some late dinner). Well, we checked into the hotel, put our bags down, and he said he wanted to take a walk down to the beach. As we were going down the pathway to the sand, he seemed to be looking for the perfect/right spot but I thought nothing about it. As we got the “the right spot” we stopped. (Backstory—while he was in New York (where he goes to school) he was talking to me on the phone one day and told me that he wanted to talk to me about something. His tone was very serious and I got a pit in my stomach thinking it was something bad. He said that instead of telling me over the phone, he wanted to talk to me about it in person. [Read more...]

BOTW: Katie Bennet

Katie Bennet

Over two years had gone by since they started dating and Katie was starting to get anxious. Nearly once a week she would drop a hint or make a joke about a proposal, marriage, or life after marriage. Some would say that she was being too pushy. But, Kolton felt the same way as she did, even though he would never admit it. He was simply buying his time.

He wanted his marriage proposal to be a complete surprise, even though Katie was expecting it daily. He also wanted her to be out of school when they married, which meant waiting just a little longer before they were engaged. Kolton had already bought the ring months ago. It was almost exactly like the millions of Pinterest pictures that she had shown or sent him. Only, this ring was actually in his price range. Asking her father was not much of a challenge. It was a short conversation on hole 18 at the local golf course. Kolton knew that Mr. Bennett would approve, but his nerves still forced him to keep putting it off until the very last hole. After that, Kolton was left with only a few things on his proposal to-do list: make sure her nails were painted, and make sure to surprise her.

[Read more...]

BOTW: Isabella Ramos

Isabella Ramos

Matt and I met almost six years ago at church.  I am the second oldest of nine and Matt is the oldest of ten.  Neither of us had ever had a boyfriend or girlfriend and both of us have had the strong conviction of saving our first kiss for our future spouses on our wedding day.   Our families had a lot in common so, naturally, we spent a lot of time together.  We are alike in many ways and became best friends almost immediately.  The more we hanged out (actually dated with a chaperone), the more our feelings for each other blossomed.  I’m a little older than Matt and we both agreed that we would wait until he turned 18 before we considered dating.  Soon after his 18th birthday, on April 14, 2016, he secretly invited my mom and dad to our neighborhood park to ask for my hand in marriage.  He also let them know that he got a second job in order to earn one of the most coveted venues, Ashton Gardens, for me.  I suspect he did this also because at that time, my dad was laid off and wouldn’t have the funds to pay for such an exclusive venue.  But that’s my Matt, my hero.  This valiant act reminds me of Jacob in one of my favorite Bible stories where, in Genesis 19:20, “Jacob served seven years for Rachel, and they seemed to him but a few days because of the love he had for her.”

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