BOTW: Isabella Ramos

Isabella Ramos

Matt and I met almost six years ago at church.  I am the second oldest of nine and Matt is the oldest of ten.  Neither of us had ever had a boyfriend or girlfriend and both of us have had the strong conviction of saving our first kiss for our future spouses on our wedding day.   Our families had a lot in common so, naturally, we spent a lot of time together.  We are alike in many ways and became best friends almost immediately.  The more we hanged out (actually dated with a chaperone), the more our feelings for each other blossomed.  I’m a little older than Matt and we both agreed that we would wait until he turned 18 before we considered dating.  Soon after his 18th birthday, on April 14, 2016, he secretly invited my mom and dad to our neighborhood park to ask for my hand in marriage.  He also let them know that he got a second job in order to earn one of the most coveted venues, Ashton Gardens, for me.  I suspect he did this also because at that time, my dad was laid off and wouldn’t have the funds to pay for such an exclusive venue.  But that’s my Matt, my hero.  This valiant act reminds me of Jacob in one of my favorite Bible stories where, in Genesis 19:20, “Jacob served seven years for Rachel, and they seemed to him but a few days because of the love he had for her.”

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BOTW: Courtney Comeaux

Courtney Comeaux

My fiancé, Austin, and I were able to take a trip to California to see his family over Christmas break. We are both high school teachers and coaches, so we were really excited to spend time away with family. When we arrived in California, his parents wanted to take the whole family to Reno, Nevada. The scenery there is gorgeous! His little sister wanted to take a family picture on top of the mountain for her photography class so we drove around until we found the perfect spot. Of course I wanted a picture on my phone of Austin and I, and as I was walking away I noticed everyone staring at me. I turned around and there he was, on one knee! Of course I cried like a baby (typical, I know). I was and still am so thrilled that I get to spend forever with my best friend!

BOTW: Kayla Few

BOTW Kayla Few
Patrick Flanagin and I met at a concert while we were both home from college for the summer. We went on a few dates, and actually really liked one another, but we decided it was best to leave it at that, as we would be returning to our college towns that were about 10 hours apart. Fast forward four years, Patrick and I were both graduated and living our early adult lives. We had not spoken since that summer. Patrick was planning a trip to Ireland for St. Patrick’s Day, and thanks to social media, he knew I had been there the year before on a study abroad trip. He contacted me asking for pointers and fun things to do while he was there. From there we started talking about our mutual love for traveling and soon discovered that Patrick worked in the area I had just moved to. He asked me on a date and it didn’t take long before we were both completely in love and became best friends. St. Patrick’s day, Ireland, and traveling became significant to our relationship. [Read more...]

BOTW: Sierra Lawrence

BOTW Sierra Lawrence

My fiancé and I spent the last year living in Miami, FL. In February, we decided to plan a weekend trip out to Key West to celebrate our six-year dating anniversary. After a day and half of wandering around, we drove up to Bahia Honda state park, where there is a giant bridge that goes out over the water. We were standing there looking out toward the ocean when he said that he had wanted to do this for a long time. I thought he meant the trip and starting talking about that until I turned around and he was on one knee! I was so surprised and happy I immediately started kissing him, and he had to remind me to say YES before he put the ring on my finger!

BOTW: Karla Galvan

BOTW Karla Galvan

Raul Arroyo proposed on July 15, 2016 in the least expected way. I work at the Liberty County Courthouse and I get off at 5 everyday. Well that Friday, he just so happened to be outside waiting for me by the doors that I exit from with a poster that said “I couldn’t wait anymore” and he walked towards me and said “You know I love you right” and gave me a dozen roses and I was just speechless, lost and confused! Then he digs into his pocket and takes out the ring and gets down on one knee and asked me to marry him! And my boss and all my coworkers were there which turned out great because they’re my second family! He also had his best friend record the whole thing! Raul had it all planned because he knew that I suspected it later on this month because of our anniversary. It just turned out perfect!

BOTW: Laura Smith

BOTW Laura Smith

So before I can tell you the proposal story I need to explain how Kyle and I met. We both went to Texas A&M University. Our freshmen year, Kyle and one of my good friends, Mackenna, lived in the same apartment complex. Kyle, being the typical guy he is, came to Mackenna and said, “You need to find me a girlfriend.” So Mackenna, being a good wingman, showed him pictures of all her friends. He said no over and over until she came across my picture. Kyle said, “THAT’S THE ONE!” Mackenna said, “Oh no! You aren’t allowed to date her. She has a boyfriend and I really like him.” Fast forward to sophomore year, I am single and Mackenna and I are now roommates. One of my other roommates, Brooke, was also good friends with Kyle. Brooke’s boyfriend lived out of state, so she always took Kyle to her sorority date parties. After seeing Kyle multiple times at our apartment with Mackenna and Brooke, I developed a little crush on him. It wasn’t until my roommates; Kyle and I decided to take a weekend trip to our friend Granger’s ranch that Kyle and I actually met. I will never forget that weekend at that ranch. This is where my little crush turned into something more. This is where Kyle and my story together began. [Read more...]

BOTW: Lakeshia Zeno

BOTW Lakeisha Zeno

I believe my fiancé, Clarke, created the perfect proposal that identified with our personalities and our story. I did not know this but Clarke had been planning the proposal with some of our friends. These friends, a married couple named Brandon and Clarissa, were instrumental in helping Clarke pull off the proposal. The night before, Clarissa sent me a text saying that her husband, Brandon, was giving her a night off from watching the kids and she wanted to have a girl’s night with me. So, the next night we spent some one on one time together getting our nails done and then going out for some sushi and sake. This was perfect since a newly engaged woman has to have pretty nails to show off her new ring. After Clarissa and I got done I came back to Clarke’s apartment.  To make this story better I had to go to the bathroom REALLY bad after our sake! [Read more...]

BOTW: Marlene Martinez

Marlene Matinez

We had been dating for almost four years after meeting as servers at a restaurant. We were really good friends that spent a lot of time together on crazy adventures and were in denial about wanting to be anything more than friends (even though everyone else saw it). When I left to Mexico with my family for a week, I was unable to communicate with him and that is when we realized we wanted to be more than that. We missed each other. He asked me to be his girlfriend the day I got back. It has made our relationship so much stronger because we were already like best friends.

 On June 10, 2016 we were attending my cousin’s wedding that night, which meant my family would surround me. Luis, my fiancé, had taken the time to ask my father for my hand in marriage, which was so significant for me. I loved the fact that he followed that tradition for me. Since secrets are hard to keep in my big family, my older sister and mom found out about his plans to propose. However, that made it even more special because it meant that my sister was able to record the whole thing and give him advice.

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Houston Bride Stephanie

Houston Bride Stephanie tackled the venue first and everything else will fell into place for her wedding. The wedding planning process went smoother after she got an event planner and asked her maid of honor!

BOTW: Chelsea Rodriguez

Chelsea Rodriguez
On October 26th I thought Ryan was just treating me to do my nails, turns out he had other plans because Wednesday, October 28, 2015- what I thought would be an ordinary Unashamed Youth night at my church, Ryan proposed to me. It wasn’t just any proposal and I didn’t just say, “Yes.” It happened a little like this…

We were beginning new Break Out classes and as a leader I was told a week in advance to dress up nice instead of my youth tee shirt or gym clothes. So I did (keep in mind my nails were done, too at this point).

That evening I didn’t suspect anything. Ryan was doing what I thought was his normal “Minute to win it” game and called me up as a contestant, along with three others. He covered each of our faces with a tee shirt and said he had to spin us around, eyes and all covered. I went first. After ten little spins he removed the shirt from my face and turned my attention to a screen that read, “The Game of Life.” He then told me, “And for the next part we are going to watch the screen.” The first slide was our first date- Houston Rodeo 2013 to see ZacBrownBand. The next few slides were more photos of us of all of our dates ever been on – and so on, and finally the last slide read, “there’s just one thing I need to ask you…” [Read more...]