Buy Book: Seven Steps to Wedding Profits

Title: 7 Steps to Making a Profit in Houston Wedding Market

Learn the secrets to the Houston wedding market from two industry veterans Linda Miller and Laurette Veres. This book provides you with 7 very detailed, yet very understandable, steps to making a profit in the Houston wedding “game.” The authors, who share 45 years of experience in the wedding industry, explain simple marketing strategies and tactics the reader can put to use immediately.

Laurette Veres- Grew up in McAllen, Texas and entered the wedding industry while she was a lifestyle reporter for the Fox news and H Texas Magazine. She currently produces the largest bridal show in country in Houston, Texas. She loves the creative people who work in this industry. She is continually impressed by the industry professionals who strive to provide once-in-a-lifetime experiences for brides.

Linda Miller started her career as a bridal buyer and created the largest bridal show in the country. For over 20 years, she connected brides to bridal businesses in Texas.

Table of Contents

The wedding industry, especially in Houston, was extremely hard to get acquainted with and even more difficult to make a profit in. Linda and Laurette were both so helpful with the advice they gave me and now not only do I own a very successful wedding reception venue but also make a substantial profit doing so - Jeanette Wellington

This book laid out 7 extremely helpful steps to making a profit in the wedding market and now I use these tactics to help smoothly operate and advance my bridal salon“- Carrol Divine

I was really struggling to keep my head above the water trying to start my boutique but this book really helped me identify my priorities.“- David Mitchell

I just recently graduated from the University of Texas and my dream has always been to own an event supply store. Weddings are an enormous part of this particular business and understanding how a bride makes her decisions is crucial. This book really helped to explain what exactly a potential bride is looking for and what the people footing the bill will enjoy as well.“- Jessica Hartland

For the longest time I worked at a department store at the MAC then at the Chanel Makeup counters. After a while these jobs became to restricting but I was lost as to how to start my own makeup design business. This book gave me the help I needed to start my business and gain the upper-hand on the competition I had in the field“- Stephanie Martinez

Everything you will need to be successful in the Houston wedding market is filtered into this 48 page book. Having worked in the wedding industry for over 45 years we know almost everything there is to know about the business. Let us help you develop a strategy for a money making business in the wedding market in Houston.