Real Bride: Tasha B., Houston, Texas

The bridal extravaganza is an experience of a lifetime!

Tasha Ball I brought my Mother(Johnette J.), Matron of Honor (Tie R.) and Aunt (Barbara B.) with me. We walked around for about 4 hours. We enjoyed the fashion show and that is actually how I found my bridesmaid dresses. I walked into the extravaganza with nothing done for my wedding. The only thing that I found before the extravaganza was my venue: The Rice Hotel downtown. I felt the Extravaganza saved my life because it created a place for hundreds of vendors to be at one time. I found my cake designer: Edible Designs by Jesse. I also found my florist: Floral Events!! (Tell Billy Tasha sent ya!) And, I also met my wonderful photographers Chuck and Kathy with Thompson Photographic. The Bridal Extravaganza is a fun event I feel every bride should experience. It gives you the opportunity to find your vendors as well as great ideas about the things you want at your big day!