BOTW: Lisa Villareal

Lisa Villareal

The day Kevin propose was no regular day I woke up feeling refreshed and great that day I went to work and was super excited about our dinner that we were celebrating Mother’s Day early given and we have been together for eight years we had just celebrated our sons first birthday and I knew that it was time that we finally made our family whole. That evening my mom was so eager to babysit which being a Thursday was a little unusual but I could just see the excitement in her eyes for us to go and have a nice dinner.Once we arrived to dinner we talked about our past and future and what we wanted out of life, what our future goals were.We talked about his mother whom we unfortunately lost in 2007. It was the hardest thing that I have gone through. I had such a beautiful connection with her only knowing her for a year and a half she had grown so close to heart she treated me like her daughter from the moment we met, we laughed and we joked and we we just had a great conversation. That evening I could tell Kevin was a little nervous, I remember having a feeling that a proposal was in our near future. Once we finished dinner and headed to the car and our ride home continues with more great conversation, I even told him that I thought he was going to propose at dinner just because how wonderful the whole evening had been. He just smiled and kept the conversation flowing. We finally made it to our drive way and looked into each other’s eyes and he told me how much I meant to him, his love for me and our son and he thanked me for being a wonderful mother to our baby boy.We finally decided to get off the car and I see Kevin quickly walk  to my side of the car and in the dark of the night the he comes to me and he gets down on one knee and opens up this beautiful box with a bright light shining on a gorgeous diamond ring shining, he smiled at me and asked me to marry him I was so in shock because I was expecting it and it didn’t happen and then IT did happen and I was just in complete shock. I was so happy i said YES a million times,I was so thrilled and feel so blessed to be able to spend the rest of my life with this man that’s such an amazing a person, great father, and provider. I’m beyond thrilled to bond our family and to finally be blessed with his last name and share it with my son that would mean more to me than anything in the world to become a whole.I’m beyond proud of that what we’ve built from the ground up and that everything Is finally coming together as A family. It means the world to me that I’ll be His Mrs.Taylor!