BOTW: Kashara Smith

Kashara Smith
On December 9th, 2016, my church had a “Family Game Night” which allowed for good food, fun, and fellowship with the people that I love. Coincidentally, December 9th is also my birthday, so I invited ALL of my friends and family to come celebrate my birthday at my church for the Game night. My fiancé invited some of his friends and family as well!

As the night went on, we shared laughs, smiles and lots of good food! In the middle of the game of “Family Fued”, my pastor asked everyone to direct their attention to the front of the church. I saw my mother and cousin walk up with a microphone. In my head I was thinking “I hope my mom is not about to sing lol” (she can’t sing to save her life, but she thinks that she is Beyoncé). Instead, my cousin and my mother began to read a monologue about the Game of Chess. Initially I thought it was entertainment for the game night, hence the monologue was about “chess”. I later found out that I was wrong. The monologue detailed the battle and combat of strength between the King piece and the Queen piece in the Game of chess. The more the monologue went on I started to realize that I had heard this before. When Darius and I first started dating he let me read some of the poetry and pieces that he had written in his college days, which I thought was so romantic. Before I knew it the poem was finished and he pulled me to the center of the floor and was given a microphone. He began to elaborate on the importance of the monologues purpose. He said “many couples are just like the King & Queen chess pieces, they Fued and fight with each other and don’t realize that they are not each other’s enemy but they are each others ally.” He then went on to say, ” in you Kashara, I’ve found someone who motivates me and pushes to be better than I am. Even in the imperfections you strive for OUR perfection and it is for that reason that I want to marry you!”

I was frozen but had a trillion butterflies in my stomach! He then said the very words that I would remember for the rest of my life, ” and in this game called Life, I don’t want to be a King without a queen. So will you marry me?”

My heart melted and I said “YES” and the whole church began clapping and cheering. A joy that I’ve never felt before filled me and I hugged him like I never wanted to let go!