A Mini-moon Escape

You may not want travel on a big trip right after your wedding. Instead have a mini-moon; where you can take a few days to getaway together and save the longer trip for a later time. Maybe you can”t go on a extended trip due to work or other reasons and for those on a tight budget, this is a huge money saver. It also saves you the hassle of travel; airports, jet lag, travel expenses, etc. With just a short plane ride away or within driving distance, you can have an amazing mini-moon. From resort honeymoon packages, mountainside adventures, to vineyards, cruises or even at a Bed & Breakfast, you can make your mini-moon worth it. After all, the whole point of a honeymoon is to get away from the stresses of life and spend quality time with each other, before you start your new life together. So don’t spend to much time planning a honeymoon, your memorable mini-moon awaits!

By: Marian Jacob