BreAnna is the Bridal Extravaganza’s new billboard bride


At Hardin Jefferson High School, BreAnna and Derrick never spoke. After high school, BreAnna’s brother, Jake and Derrick enlisted in the Marine Corps. At Jake’s graduation, BreAnna found herself sitting next to Derrick’s sister and dad. This was the first time the couple actually spoke to each other.

Over the following months, they kept running into each other, but soon, the boys, Jake and Derrick, were deployed to Afghanistan. BreAnna would constantly Skype her brother because she didn’t want him missing out on all the happenings of her senior year, and in the Skype sessions, she’d always make jokes about finding her a “marine-friend” who could take her to the Marine Ball.

To her surprise, she received a text from Derrick asking her to the Marine Ball. Unfortunately, they ended up not going and stopped talking for about a month due to coming home parties, but the spark between them could not be denied! In that time, BreAnna became best friends with Derrick’s sister Brooke, who is now her maid of honor. BreAnna is sure she and Derrick wouldn’t be where they are now without her.

Once BreAnna and Derrick started seriously “talking,” they caught themselves falling in love, but were both holding back because BreAnna was moving to California to attend acting school. They didn’t want to date due to the distance, but less than two weeks after BreAnna left, Derrick booked a flight to visit.  Soon they were exclusive.

BreAnna returned to Texas once she realized her life dream was to be with Derrick. Derrick proposed to her in front of all her family and closest friends, and now they’re getting ready for the best day of their lives.

Her theme is simple peacock with vibrant colors of turquoise, teal, lavender, and dark purple. She will be making her way down the aisle on May 16, 2015 in Welsh Louisiana.

What she wants to share:

“I want to show the world that time and distance are just bumps in the road if you are meant to be with someone. Dreams grow and love always prevails. I know because I am living a reality better than any fairytale I could dream.”


At the photo shoot:

Jenny Baugh Photography was tapped to bring this photo shoot to life with her creative photography techniques.

Hair and makeup provided by Exquisite Reflections.

Glorious gowns provided by Ventura’s Bridal Fashions

Two beautiful bouquets were crafted by F. Dellit Designs.

The shoot was captured on film for television by Complete.