BOTW: Leah McCollum

BOTW Leah McCollum

For months my fiancé had been teasing and torturing me about the plans he had secretly made for my birthday. He would often ask me if I wanted to know what he had planned and then he would start laughing because we both knew he would never tell me. The morning of my birthday arrived and I waited anxiously to begin the drive to ‘somewhere’. As Josh drove, I began a game with myself. Based on the exits he took and turns he made, I started to guess where he was taking me. After a few incorrect guesses, his truck took the 288 exit and I instantly knew where I was going. My stomach began to churn and my heart started to race as he headed towards Rosharon, home to Skydive Spaceland. At the beginning of our relationship we would retell our previous skydiving experiences to each other, and eventually we decided that a skydiving adventure together would be necessary. Life, jobs and family events happened and I soon forgot about the skydiving plans, but Josh had not forgotten. We drove up the rocky entrance that lead to the Skydive Spaceland headquarters and with each bump my anxiety seemed to increase. We walked into the building, signed our lives away and were suited up and headed out to the plane within thirty minutes of our arrival. My blood pressure rose as the plane began to reach higher altitudes. Before I knew it, Josh was jumping out of the plane and my turn was coming up. I walked up to the door of the plane and after a moment of hesitation I was free falling, trying to ignore the fact that the only thing between the ground and me was a parachute. Soon, I was pulling the cord and my parachute opened, allowing me to enjoy the remainder of my skydiving experience. When I pulled the parachute cord and my parachute opened without trouble, I thought that I could relax. Josh had other ideas. Towards the end of my descent I saw a white banner lying on the ground and a large amount of people gathered where I was supposed to be landing. At about 500 ft. in the air, I was able to read the red words that were on the banner. My eyes filled with tears and my chest began to swell as I read, “Leah, will you marry me?” Shortly after I read the words I landed safely among my family, Josh’s family and our closest friends. I was unhooked from the parachute and I turned to see my handsome man on one knee with a beautiful diamond ring in his hand.

Some of my friends saw their 25th birthday as “getting old, I see it as the beginning of the rest of my life with the most amazing man I have ever met.