BOTW: Laura Smith

BOTW Laura Smith

So before I can tell you the proposal story I need to explain how Kyle and I met. We both went to Texas A&M University. Our freshmen year, Kyle and one of my good friends, Mackenna, lived in the same apartment complex. Kyle, being the typical guy he is, came to Mackenna and said, “You need to find me a girlfriend.” So Mackenna, being a good wingman, showed him pictures of all her friends. He said no over and over until she came across my picture. Kyle said, “THAT’S THE ONE!” Mackenna said, “Oh no! You aren’t allowed to date her. She has a boyfriend and I really like him.” Fast forward to sophomore year, I am single and Mackenna and I are now roommates. One of my other roommates, Brooke, was also good friends with Kyle. Brooke’s boyfriend lived out of state, so she always took Kyle to her sorority date parties. After seeing Kyle multiple times at our apartment with Mackenna and Brooke, I developed a little crush on him. It wasn’t until my roommates; Kyle and I decided to take a weekend trip to our friend Granger’s ranch that Kyle and I actually met. I will never forget that weekend at that ranch. This is where my little crush turned into something more. This is where Kyle and my story together began. Now I can tell you the proposal story. Fast forward to senior year, Kyle and I have been dating for over two years. Granger invited a few mutual friends, Kyle and me to his ranch for his birthday. As this being one of our favorite places and Granger being one of our good friends, of course we said yes. We spent the day at the ranch with Granger, his parents and all our friends drinking beer and shooting skeet. After a few hours, us girls went upstairs to get ready to go to dinner for Granger’s birthday in town. When we came downstairs to leave for dinner Granger’s dad said, “Hey boys, I need you guys to go check the camera’s on the deer feeders before we leave. I just installed new ones and I want to make sure they are working.” Kyle said, “hey babe want to come with me?” (Because he knows I love that kind of stuff) and I said, “heck yes.” So Granger jumps in the mule, Kyle and I jump in his truck and we go our separate ways. I wasn’t paying much attention on the way out there; I was too busy posting a picture on Instagram. I look up and see this tree out in distance with stuff hanging from the branches. Being the oblivious girl I am I said, “I wonder what that is?” What do you know, we pull up to the tree and Kyle parks. He had the dreamiest area set up. It was this big, beautiful tree with a pond behind it. Each branch of the tree had a mason jar hanging from it with a picture of us in it. Under the tree, he had a blanket with wine, cheese and a bible open up to a particular verse. We walked around looking at all the pictures and reminisced on all our favorite memories. Once we circled back around to the blanket, he got down on one knee. He said a bunch of really sweet stuff I wish I remembered and then asked me to marry him. OF COURSE I SAID YES! Behind the pond his friends were hiding, setting off fire works. He also had a photographer hiding behind the bushes, taking pictures. We set down on the blanket, he read me the bible verse and we drank a glass of wine and ate some cheese. Being the girl I am, I was worried about getting to dinner on time. So we jumped back in the truck and I thought we were heading to dinner for Granger’s birthday. We pulled back up to the ranch house, where all our friends and family were waiting for us. My best friends had planned and set up the most beautiful surprise engagement party. It was an absolute dream come true! I will never forget that day at the ranch. This is where my little crush turned into my fiancé. This is where forever started for Kyle and me.

**Ps. I am a very hard person to surprise, so it look a lot of white lies and under cover spies for Kyle to pull this out. Come to find out, Kyle had been planning this day for weeks. Granger, his parents and all our friends were in on it. Granger and Kyle had spent hours that week driving every acre of that ranch searching for the perfect tree. They found the perfect tree, but there were a few eyesores around it. Of course that didn’t stop them, they just bulldozed all the surrounding trees down. All while I thought he was doing a “group project.” I guess this is the only time I will let a lie go :)