BOTW: Lakeshia Zeno

BOTW Lakeisha Zeno

I believe my fiancé, Clarke, created the perfect proposal that identified with our personalities and our story. I did not know this but Clarke had been planning the proposal with some of our friends. These friends, a married couple named Brandon and Clarissa, were instrumental in helping Clarke pull off the proposal. The night before, Clarissa sent me a text saying that her husband, Brandon, was giving her a night off from watching the kids and she wanted to have a girl’s night with me. So, the next night we spent some one on one time together getting our nails done and then going out for some sushi and sake. This was perfect since a newly engaged woman has to have pretty nails to show off her new ring. After Clarissa and I got done I came back to Clarke’s apartment.  To make this story better I had to go to the bathroom REALLY bad after our sake! I was banging on the door trying to get Clarke to let me in, without realizing what he was setting up for me on the other side of the door, and it took him forever to open the door. As soon as he opened the door my need to go to the bathroom immediately went away as I walked into a magical setting. As the door opened I heard music playing and the lights were off. Tea light candles illuminated the room. Clarke had made a photo collage of all our memorable photos accompanied with the song “Die A Happy Man” by Thomas Rhett. There was a trail of rose petals leading me into the center of the room where there was a large heart made out of rose petal in the middle of the floor. Clarke placed me in the middle of the heart, got down on one knee, and asked me the question I had been waiting for…will you marry me?!?! Of course my response perfectly illustrates our relationship.  I never thought I would cry during our proposal but he brought me to tears. Through these tears I said, “Well it’s about time…YES”! He placed the ring on my finger and kissed me. As we both wiped tears of joy from our eyes he told me the last surprise, that he had strategically hidden a camera on a bookshelf to capture our special moment. All of his planning and secrecy helped to surprise me with the perfect proposal.

Our wedding date is currently scheduled for April 8th. We are still meeting with venues to find the exact date and location. Once we secure the venue we will move forward with finding vendors.