BOTW: Kayla Few

BOTW Kayla Few
Patrick Flanagin and I met at a concert while we were both home from college for the summer. We went on a few dates, and actually really liked one another, but we decided it was best to leave it at that, as we would be returning to our college towns that were about 10 hours apart. Fast forward four years, Patrick and I were both graduated and living our early adult lives. We had not spoken since that summer. Patrick was planning a trip to Ireland for St. Patrick’s Day, and thanks to social media, he knew I had been there the year before on a study abroad trip. He contacted me asking for pointers and fun things to do while he was there. From there we started talking about our mutual love for traveling and soon discovered that Patrick worked in the area I had just moved to. He asked me on a date and it didn’t take long before we were both completely in love and became best friends. St. Patrick’s day, Ireland, and traveling became significant to our relationship. The following St. Patrick’s day, we decided to go to Boston (the best celebration second to Dublin itself). While we were there, we traveled to Martha’s Vineyard and to the beautiful Aquinnah Cliffs on the beach where we were the only people around. That’s where Patrick proposed with the sweetest speech that he had been planning for months. If that wasn’t enough of a wonderful surprise, he flew my two best friends in later that day who showed up where we were eating to celebrate with us. It could not have been more well thought out or perfect. He truly did everything he could to make his proposal special to me and us as a couple. Our wedding date is May 26th 2017 in Willis, Texas at Rustic Rose.