BOTW: Katie Bennet

Katie Bennet

Over two years had gone by since they started dating and Katie was starting to get anxious. Nearly once a week she would drop a hint or make a joke about a proposal, marriage, or life after marriage. Some would say that she was being too pushy. But, Kolton felt the same way as she did, even though he would never admit it. He was simply buying his time.

He wanted his marriage proposal to be a complete surprise, even though Katie was expecting it daily. He also wanted her to be out of school when they married, which meant waiting just a little longer before they were engaged. Kolton had already bought the ring months ago. It was almost exactly like the millions of Pinterest pictures that she had shown or sent him. Only, this ring was actually in his price range. Asking her father was not much of a challenge. It was a short conversation on hole 18 at the local golf course. Kolton knew that Mr. Bennett would approve, but his nerves still forced him to keep putting it off until the very last hole. After that, Kolton was left with only a few things on his proposal to-do list: make sure her nails were painted, and make sure to surprise her.

Unfortunately, for him to surprise her he would have to lie to her. He hated lying to Katie but decided this was a unique exception. So one night after going out for drinks, Kolton acted a bit tipsier than he actually was. This allowed him to “accidentally” let Katie in on his “secret proposal plans”. By telling her that he was planning to propose mid-summer during their trip to California, he left the month of May open for surprise. On the morning of Kolton’s college graduation, Friday, May 13th, his stomach was in knots. Not because he feared that he would trip as he walked across the stage, but because he was about to become the luckiest man on earth as long as he could successfully ask one single question. He had everything arranged perfectly. Katie loved the spotlight. So rather than a romantic dinner for two, he had chosen an audience and a party. His party. It was the perfect cover. She never expected that she would be so involved at his graduation party that evening. But after all the graduation gifts were given, with all of their family members and loved ones gathered all around, it was he who had the last gift to give. She was oblivious to the multitude of cameras and videos recording as he took her hand and pulled her to the front of the room. As he knelt down holding her left hand, her heart raced. Katie was so excited that the well rehearsed words that Kolton was saying were barely even registering in her mind. She was just waiting for the opportunity to say “yes”. As he placed the ring on her finger, she began to cry and the crowd cheered. They were the happiest tears that she could remember. And as her friends came running up from their hiding spots, not a soul was missing. The graduation party had ended and the engagement party had begun. On that Friday the 13th, Kolton and Katie felt like the luckiest couple on earth.