BOTW: Francesca Balestrine

Francesca Balestrine

I have just recently become engaged this June on the 5th with my now fiancé Martin Gonzalez. It was actually just a day after his birthday and a few days before mine when he popped the question. Our birthdays are only 4 days apart, but we are several years apart in age. My story began once he told me we were going to Riverside, California (which is his home town) to support his younger brother graduating from high school. He really wanted to be there for him as he was proud. The first night we get there I meet a bunch of family and friends as we enjoy the night together catching up before the day my life took a big step! The following morning consisted of heading to the beach to enjoy some fun in the sun; we have a group of people with us to have some quality time with Martin since they all missed him in his absence living in Texas. After several hours at the beach the ride home seemed to be a quiet one since everyone was exhausted from being out in the sun. On the way back we head out to eat some great food to fuel us for the rest of the day. At dinner we all come to a decision to drive up a near by mountain to watch the sunset, but we start running behind because I needed a sweater as I was still in swim suit attire I knew I would get cold out there. At this point we are literally trying to catch the sun and my fiancé is speeding up the mountain trying to trail his friend since we took two vehicles to fit our group. I start to panic a bit since I get carsick. I tell him to slow down as I start to stress the fact we are only going higher and not slowing down (I’m also scared of heights). He just looks at me and plays it off like he is trying to keep up with his best friend who seemed to be a speed demon. Though in his mind he liked that I was distracted so I wouldn’t start to suspect anything. A few minutes later the sun was barely over the horizon we finally make it to the destination of the mountain. Personally I was so happy to get out of the car and a little flustered feeling uneasy driving up that seemingly forever-long drive. I start taking some pictures, as the view was breathtaking. Living in Texas my whole life I never get a chance to see views like this ever. Someone in our group suggests Martin and I should take a photo together to capture this moment in time. So we do and as I held my arm around him I felt a little shiver, which I found odd but didn’t really suspect anything further. I look off into the distance and I feel my hand grabbed and as I turn around Martin is on his knee. Of course I start balling my eyes out. While he asks me this most important question I can hear his voice trembling, trying to hold his composure. And of course i said YES! At this point the sun is completely faded away as it turned to night and I couldn’t be happier than to end the day as a woman engaged to the man of my dreams. That one day I will be Mrs. Francesca Victoria Gonzalez.