BOTW: Chelsea Rodriguez

Chelsea Rodriguez
On October 26th I thought Ryan was just treating me to do my nails, turns out he had other plans because Wednesday, October 28, 2015- what I thought would be an ordinary Unashamed Youth night at my church, Ryan proposed to me. It wasn’t just any proposal and I didn’t just say, “Yes.” It happened a little like this…

We were beginning new Break Out classes and as a leader I was told a week in advance to dress up nice instead of my youth tee shirt or gym clothes. So I did (keep in mind my nails were done, too at this point).

That evening I didn’t suspect anything. Ryan was doing what I thought was his normal “Minute to win it” game and called me up as a contestant, along with three others. He covered each of our faces with a tee shirt and said he had to spin us around, eyes and all covered. I went first. After ten little spins he removed the shirt from my face and turned my attention to a screen that read, “The Game of Life.” He then told me, “And for the next part we are going to watch the screen.” The first slide was our first date- Houston Rodeo 2013 to see ZacBrownBand. The next few slides were more photos of us of all of our dates ever been on – and so on, and finally the last slide read, “there’s just one thing I need to ask you…” I could feel my heart pounding because after the first few slides I had figured out this wasn’t “The Game of life” .. It was REAL life, and this was about to be the rest of OUR lives. So, I slowly turn around to find Ryan on bent knee on stage of Impact Family Worship Center asking, “Will you marry me, Chelsea?” My first response was, “Are you kidding me? What? Get up. YES! YES! YES!” Then I remember jumping into his arms the way a child does when they see their parents! He held me and as we walked off the stage as soon to be Mr. And Mrs. Henley, I looked out and not only was the youth group in the sanctuary. Somehow while my face was covered, Ryan managed to get the whole church even adults and guests and pastors to witness it along with his family! He even had his best friend, partner in this proposal and brought me roses afterwards. And now we patiently await for March 20, 2017 to be happily ever after- just like in the fairy tales; I’m looking forward to being a princess.