Connie Events and Travel

Connie Events and Travel


I am excited once again to be a part of this show as it runs so professionally. You and the team do an awesome job. It is the best I have ever attended.


Connie Dellafave
Owner / President
Connie Events and Travel


Werner’s Catering

Werner's Catering

We really liked being a part of the Bridal Extravaganza Show. It was a real success for us and we are looking forward to the next one.

Robert Werner
Werner’s Catering

Tom Jackobs Body3 Fitness

Tom Jackobs Body3 Fitness

Bridal Extravaganza,

Your staff is incredible!  Very well run show again this year.

As an example of over-delivery of your staff, there was some booth sharing going on at booth 309 with a “bridal boot camp.” I’m not opposed to having competitors of mine at the show… as long as they buy a booth like I do every year.

When I told your staff about the booth sharing they were quick to resolve the situation and then monitored as the group would pop up now and then on Saturday with fliers, which were quickly taken away and disposed of.

So thanks for protecting my investment.  I will continue to be a part of the show.  We had our best show yet in terms of lead generation.  I think having the labels helped quite a bit. (Free labels for brides)

                                                      Thanks again!


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MD Turner Photography

We just want to send you a huge thank you! We had a great time at the customer appreciation bash and made several very meaningful connections on both personal and professional levels.  Then we returned home to find your magazine in the mail with the cover we shot and that was so fun!  Thank you again for the amazing opportunity to shoot the billboard bride!

We have never had a bigger response in booked business or meetings set than we have had from this show!

All to say . . .  we are huge extravaganza fans!

Deb Turner

MD Turner Photography

Krista Borchard, Event Identity

Thanks for, once again, for providing a great Bridal Extravaganza to both attendees and exhibitors alike. Despite traffic headaches and possibly other stumbling blocks, the show still proved to be highly effective for us as well as other vendors. Congrats on a job well done.

Krista Borchard

Event Identity

Terry S. McKinney: Navigate Your Travels

It was an excellent show – thank you so much!!   I’ve decided to reserve a TRIPLE booth for the July show because we need more space.  Pretty soon I’ll need an entire red carpet aisle – LOL.  I’d like to lock in the exact same booth – I absolutely LOVED my location and I loved my neighbors too. With regard to the show this past weekend, everything was top-notch; security was great and we all felt very safe; everything was under control – and it seemed to be a perfect show.  Great crowds – lots of energy and enthusiasm.  I can’t thank you enough for running such an excellent show. Terry S. McKinney Navigate Your Travels, Inc. | Cruise Planners American Express

Exhibitor Testimonial

Taska Ventura, Ventura’s Bridal

Bridal Extravaganza is the greatest bridal show! The contact with brides as well as immediate business from the show is unsurpassed. The show continually strives to improve each show and unequivocally achieves the goal! —Mrs. Taska Ventura, owner Ventura’s Bridal

Running Cougar Ranch

A big THANK YOU to the folks at The Bridal Extravaganza Show for your organization and patience during our first event! We had a blast and sincerely appreciate you all!!!!!

Lisa Prater, The Orchard at Caney Creek

You can pat yourself on the back for another successful Bridal Show.  As always, we enjoyed ourselves and are thoroughly exhausted.  It is that “happy-tired” though.  The Orchard at Caney Creek would love to participate in the July, BES.  We would like to reserve our same booth.

Thank you for your help,

Lisa Prater

The Orchard at Caney Creek