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bridal extravaganza tv

Should your wedding be featured on The Bridal Extravaganza TV?

Demo tapes will be made on Saturday and Sunday at the Extravaganza.

Go to the Billboard Bride booth # 1431

If you are interested in being featured, this is the only opportunity to make a demo tape for Bridal Extravaganza TV.

If you would like to make an appointment, send an email to our producer at
For more information contact the Bridal Extravaganza Show at 281-340-7777.

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Unplugged Weddings

Unplugged Weddings
Brides and Grooms everywhere are starting to take part in a new trend – unplugged weddings. In case you’ve never heard of it, an unplugged wedding is a ceremony in which the couple is asking their guests to put away their phones, iPads, cameras, etc., and to really enjoy the celebration itself.

Couples everywhere are finding that their wedding guests are too absorbed in taking photos themselves, instead of letting the professional wedding photographer do their job. The guests sometimes get in the way of the photographer and then they photographer cannot capture the important moments for the bride and groom. Guests take photos at inappropriate times, and their iPhone camera flash ruins the professional photos. Sometimes guests even block the bride and grooms view of each other when they are trying to take pictures.

To avoid these scenarios on your big day, you can:

  • Post a quick paragraph on your wedding website that says you will be having an unplugged ceremony and that you, as a couple, prefer that there are no personal photos taken
  • Have a sign at the entrance of the ceremony/venue stating that the ceremony (and sometimes even the reception) will be unplugged
  • Make an announcement at the start of the ceremony that the couple prefers there are no personal photos are to be taken and that the guests invite them to be present with them to celebrate their big day

Inform the guests that you really want them to enjoy the celebration, and to let the photographer do their job. If you don’t want your professional photos ruined, hard to edit, or full of your guests with their phones up taking photos themselves, consider having an unplugged ceremony, or even an unplugged reception.

Written by: Kyley Kornegay