Rajani Obeso: the New Billboard Bride

Rajani radiates elegant and grace at the Moffitt Oaks Bridal Suite.


The Right Catch

Rajani radiates elegant and grace at the Moffitt Oaks Bridal Suite.

Rajani Obeso met Daniel Alvarado in Catholic education classes. At the time, they were freshmen in high school and had barely spoken, yet definitely had their eyes on each other. In ninth grade, she told her mom she wanted Daniel to be her boyfriend but it wasn’t until their senior year that she finally got the courage to text him. “That night we both confessed to each other that we had always had a crush on one another,” she said.

Daniel asked Rajani to prom while at her parent’s house in The Woodlands, the same place where eight years later, he would propose. They had both graduated from Texas Tech University and were back in the Houston area when Daniel made up his mind that he wanted to propose on Thanksgiving Day.  He came up with a perfect plan and gave the family a week’s notice. The couple spent the first part of Thanksgiving Day with Daniel’s family.  On the way to Rajani’s parent’s house they stopped for gas. This gave his family time to rush to her house and get into position.
When the couple entered the house, no one answered when she yelled hello. Then Daniel grabbed her hand and led her to the living room where she caught her first glimpse of the candlelit backyard. “It was a perfectly romantic and love-filled scene that completely took my breath away,” she said.

The setting included a small tree hung with pictures of the couple, a heart-shaped cake and chilled champagne. Their dog, Geo, appeared wearing a chalkboard sign around his neck that asked “Will you marry my dad?”

That weekend, they watched Texas Tech play at Cowboy’s Stadium in Dallas and spent the weekend celebrating their engagement!

They began to plan for their January 2018 wedding in Houston, Texas. Rajani attended the Bridal Extravaganza Show and applied for a chance to become the next Billboard Bride. Out of more than 300 brides, she was selected to represent the Bridal Extravaganza on billboards all over the city.

The whirlwind experience began at Ventura’s Bridal Fashions, where she looked lovely in an array of beautiful gowns. The Billboard Bride photo shoot took place at Moffitt Oaks, a premier wedding event venue. Andy Hopper from H-E-B Blooms Design Studio created two bouquets for the occasion. The team at Simple Beauty Artistry provided hair and make-up. The husband and wife photography team of Ana and Ivan Garcia were on hand to capture every moment of the day. All the details fell beautifully into place for this lucky Billboard Bride.


This season’s Billboard Bride Contributors:

Ventura’s Bridal Fashions - www.venturasbridalfashions.com

ANAandIVANphotography - http://anaivanphoto.com

Simple Beauty Artistry - www.simplebeautyartistry.com

Moffitt Oaks - http://www.moffittoaks.com

H-E-B Blooms Design Studio - www.heb.com/blooms

Monarch Limousines - www.monarchlimos.com




Lakeshia Zeno is the next Billboard Bride

Lakeshia Zeno, Houston Bride, being photographed at The Grand Hall

A Room Full of Roses

Lakeshia Zeno, Houston Bride, being photographed at The Grand Hall

A deer greets us on this early fall morning at The Grand Hall at Deer Lake Lodge. This new rustic, chic wedding venue is in Montgomery, Texas’ piney woods. Today is the photo shoot for Bridal Extravaganza Show’s Billboard Bride.

This show’s winner, Lakeshia (Key) Zeno, will marry Clarke Isenhower in April 2017. They met on a church mission trip to Colorado in 2009 and became Facebook friends. Three years later Key moved to Afghanistan. She lived there a year before Clarke saw a picture of her and her travels on Instagram and contacted her. They began talking, but Key remained overseas for a couple more years. They started dating one and a half weeks after she returned to the states.

Isenhower pulled off the perfect engagement, with a little help from some friends. They took Key out for manicures (getting her fingers ring ready) and sushi. After a lot of sake, Zeno was taken to Clarke’s apartment where she began banging on the door demanding to be let in. The door opened, lights were off and “Die a Happy Man” by Thomas Rhett was playing on the stereo. Tea light candles illuminated a photo collage Clarke put together. A trail of rose petals lead to the center of the room where more petals were laid in the shape of a heart. He put her in the center of the heart and got down on one knee. After she said, “Yes, it’s about time,” they both wiped tears of joy from their eyes. His final surprise was a strategically hidden camera that captured the special moment.

Key attended the Bridal Extravaganza Show and entered the Be the Billboard Bride contest to “inspire people with her love story.” Despite all the negativity in the world, she encourages couples not to give up on finding love.

Today, Key Zeno and her mom arrive at The Grand Hall at Deer Lake Lodge and meet Mayra Malik, owner of Simple Beauty Artistry. Key will soon be on billboards all over the greater Houston area; hair and makeup need to be perfect.

As Malik explores style options for Zeno’s long hair, other vendors work on their projects. Ivan Garcia from Ana&Ivan photography scouts the area looking for the best natural light. This husband and wife team takes incredible photographs, with the perfect balance of technical know-how and creativity. Marissa Greteman assembles bouquets to enhance the photos.

Mrs. Taska Ventura has the stars of the show: three lovely gowns from her extensive collection. Zeno never tried on a wedding gown before applying to be the billboard bride and she loves the experience. From princess to beading to mermaid, this lovely bride-to-be looks great in every gown.

The Bridal Extravaganza Show takes place every January and July in Houston Texas. www.BridalExtravaganzaShow.com. You could be the next Billboard Bride.

Get this look:
Gown: Ventura’s Bridal Fashions
Hair & Makeup: Simple Beauty Artistry
Photography: ANA&IVAN photography
Location: The Grand Hall at Deer Lake Lodge
Floral Bouquet: Marissa Greteman

Lauren Cantu

Lauren loves this gown from Ventura's Bridal.

Follow Your Heart

Groom-to-be sends his bride-to-be on Texas scavenger hunt…..

By Laurette Veres

Photography by Ana&Ivan Photography

Lauren loves this gown from Ventura’s Bridal.


Lauren and Oscar celebrated four-years of dating Christmas Day with a blended family Christmas dinner. “It was an amazing anniversary gift to have both of our large families together under one roof,” recalls Lauren. Little did she know, the amazing anniversary events were just beginning.

The next day she discovered red balloon #1 at her front door. There was a clue attached which led her to her favorite park, where she found balloon #2 with a $20 bill and directions to Starbucks. Inside Starbucks was one of her best friends (flown in from Los Angeles, California!) pouring espresso. “These shots represent the darkness we’ve come from. I love the person you’ve become,” said the friend as she handed Lauren balloon #3. This balloon sent her home where balloon #4 waited on her bedroom door. She found a pre-packed bag (thanks Sis!) and a note about spontaneous adventure. Five minutes later Oscar was at the door; balloon #5 was in the back of his truck. They were headed somewhere that started with an S and ended with an O according to the note, to the Emily Morgan hotel. She Googled the hotel name and found they were heading to San Antonio! In the hotel room she found balloon #6, which told her to get dolled up in a hurry; dinner reservations were at 5:00pm.  Dinner included champagne, dessert and clue #7.

At the apex of a romantic little rock bridge on the RiverWalk, burning candles were arranged in a heart. “He got down on one knee and made me the happiest girl in the whole world!!” she recalls. When she looked up, family and friends were cheering and taking pictures. “My breath was absolutely taken away! So many people that I love surprised me to be there for this moment. I have never shed so many tears of joy in my life.”

Her engagement felt like a hazy dream until she attended the Bridal Extravaganza in Houston.  “The show helped a lot,” she says.

“I didn’t know where to start so I started thinking I definitely need a venue because you really can’t do anything without a date. Once you get your date everything else starts to fall in line.” Internet research isn’t enough. “Pictures on Pinterest are not exactly what (a dress, cake, flowers) will look like in person,” she says.

At the show she registered for the Be the Billboard Bride competition, became a finalist and won! She appeared on billboards all over southeast Texas.

“Trying on gowns (at Ventura’s Bridal Fashions) made the engagement feel real,” says Lauren. “As soon as I put them on I just felt like a princess.” Her advice is to try on everything. “Some people say when you know, you know, but I think when you try on a dress, your body will tell you. I didn’t think I would like a fluffy dress but it really looks nice and I like how it feels.”

To other brides, she says don’t get too stressed out, give yourself enough time, and hire a wedding planner if you can afford it. It’s also important to decide what’s really important. For Lauren, she believes the dress, makeup, and pictures are what she will want to remember.

Lauren encourages brides to take advantage of every opportunity Houston has to offer. As for winning Be the Billboard Bride, she says, “You never know. Certain things are meant to be. Winning this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity– it happened to me!”



Get this look:

Ventura’s Bridal Fashions

Al’s Formal Wear

A Splendid Event & Co. 

Simple Beauty Artistry

ana&ivan photography

Edible Designs by Jessie

My Urban Invites










Bright Eyed Billboard Bride: Morgan Zimmermann


Morgan enjoyed her photo shoot at “The Springs”


You’ll see her on billboards all over the greater Houston area. Meet Morgan Zimmerman, the Billboard Bride.

Morgan Zimmermann is a former cheerleader and cheer instructor. She met her fiancée, Jack Line, through a mutual friend and they’ve been dating for nearly three years. Although marriage had been discussed, Morgan had no idea Jack would pop the question on a trip to Napa. Jack planned it perfectly. He set up a private wine tasting with food pairing at Artesa winery where he asked for her hand. As soon as she said yes, the photographer Jack hired appeared and began shooting engagement photos in the beautiful Napa setting.

Currently, Morgan works at a Houston-area wedding venue and understands issues brides encounter during this exciting time.  She suggests focusing on the memories and important stuff: your dress, hair, makeup and the reason you are at the altar. It is about love and the feelings you have for your soul mate—the rest is just icing on the cake! “I am a firm believer in not stressing about the wedding planning process,” she says.  “At times it can be overwhelming but you just have to remind yourself this is supposed to be a fun and special time—not stressful.” As she makes plans for her late Summer/early Fall 2016 wedding, she is certain she will enlist the services of a videographer. “I think it is so awesome to be able to watch live footage from the big day,” she says. She looks forward to re-living the memories and catching moments she might have missed in real time.

Lorie Speich from A Splendid Event coordinated the billboard bride shoot at picturesque Pecan Springs. Her specialty is taking a bride’s love story and portraying it to the guests through the wedding. When Lorie saw the beaded gown from Ventura’s Bridal Fashions it immediately became the inspiration for the shoot.  The gown evokes a Tuscan, old-world feeling. “Morgan looks like a princess,” she says.

The photography team from Dream Photography and Video was on hand to capture every moment of the shoot. AJ’s Urban Petals created a custom table scape with beautiful flowers to coordinate with the look of the day. Morgan’s hair and makeup were transformed by the team at Simple Beauty Artistry. Lines were provided by LBL and Supreme Kakes provided the naked cake.

Get this look:

Venue: Pecan Springs 

Bridal Attire – Ventura’s Bridal Fashions

Makeup/Hair -Simple Beauty Artistry

Photography/Video -Dream Photography and Video

Florist – AJ’s Urban Petals 

Linens- LBL 

Cake- Supreme Kakes 

Coordination- A Splendid Event


Destined for Love

Sarah C. loved her photo shoot with Ana&Ivan Photography

Billboard Bride Sarah believes she was destined to meet Stephen

by Laurette M. Veres

Sarah Carruth and Stephen Barrera are from the Houston area and had a lot of family precede them at Texas A&M. Though they didn’t know each other, they started college on the same day. Sarah studied civil engineering, pledged a sorority and joined the Aggie Dance Team. Stephen played football, worked on an under gradate degree in Construction Science, and volunteered in the community through Aggie Athletes Involved and Big Event.

As a member of the Dance Team, Sarah performed at the women’s basketball national championship. Stephen watched the televised game with friends and couldn’t stop talking about “the pretty blue-eyed girl at the end.” Later, he procured an invitation to Sarah’s sorority formal, and introduced himself to her. They sat on a dock at the rustic event venue and talked for hours. They spent the rest of their college years as a couple. After graduation, Sarah returned to Houston and Stephen remained in College Station pursuing his Master’s Degree in Land Development.

His graduation night turned out to be a big night for both of them. “I’ve never been so proud as when he walked across the stage and culminated many years of hard work and secured a bright future for himself,” she recalls. Following the ceremony her friend drove her to Stephen’s graduation party, they turned down a dirt road, saw a moonlit pond surrounded by twinkling trees; on the dock was a tall figure in a suit. She realized it was Stephen. He helped her out of the car and walked her to the spot they sat and talked years before, at her sorority formal, on the night they met. Stephen told her he’d love nothing more than to take care of her, make her feel safe, happy and loved for the rest of her life. Sarah yelled, “Yes!” They walked from the dock through a lit, rustic archway where family and friends who were “too busy” to attend his graduation were waiting with a million hugs and congratulations. “Little did I know, as he worked his way through school, all he could think about was our future together,” she says.

The ring Stephen designed has special meaning.  When you look at it from the side, you’ll see three pink diamonds representing her mom, aunt and grandmother; all breast

Sarah C. loved her photo shoot with Ana&Ivan Photography

cancer survivors. “A reminder that our love will require hard work but will endure all things,” says Sarah.

Sarah and her mother attended the Bridal Extravaganza in Houston looking for wedding ideas. “We feel grateful to have resources in Houston, like the Bridal Extravaganza. I saw the billboards the week after we got engaged and was so ecstatic to go look for inspiration.” Now Sarah is the Billboard Bride and her image will grace giant billboards throughout the Greater Houston area, inviting lucky brides-to-be to the GRB Convention Center to enjoy two full days of wedding inspiration.

Heather Benge from Heather Benge Events pulled some of Houston’s top wedding vendors together to create a historically elegant photo shoot for the billboard. Five gowns from the vast assortment at Ventura’s Bridal Fashions were carefully selected and all fit Sarah perfectly. Butler’s Courtyard in League City, with its indoor and outdoor spaces, was the perfect location to highlight the beautiful gowns. The natural light and exposed brick created an industrial feel. Tones of blush, peach, ivory and navy, along with metals, and non-traditional centerpieces enhanced the industrial romance vibe. Edible Designs by Jessie incorporated the color scheme into sugar flowers to create a breathtaking cake. The linens selected by Over the Top Linen brought the entire look together.

Gabby Camacho from Edward Sanchez Cosmetics handled hair and makeup. My Urban Invites created all the paper needs, F. Dellit Designs created the floral arrangements, and ANA&IVAN photography captured every look.


Get this look:

Ventura’s Bridal Fashions venturasbridalfashions.com

Edward Sanchez Cosmetics edwardsanchezcosmetics.com

Heather Benge Events heatherbenge.com 

F. Dellit Designs fdellit.com 

Over the Top Linen overthetoplinen.com

Edible Designs by Jessie edibledesignsbyjessie.com

My Urban Invites myurbaninvites.com

Butler’s Courtyard butlerscourtyard.com





Channing Smith – Worth the Wait

Channing Smith

Channing enjoyed her photo shoot at Pixel Studios.

Channing enjoyed her photo shoot at Pixel Studios. Channing Smith was spending the day at the Kemah Boardwalk with her cherished nieces and boyfriend. The girls were having caricatures drawn; Brian and Channing decided to get one as well. The artist revealed his work; he had drawn a large ring on Channing’s finger. “As I turned to ask Brian if he liked the picture, I saw him down on one knee,” she says. As soon as she accepted his proposal, family members appeared, nieces cheered, and strangers high-fived.

Brian Morvant pulled off the perfect engagement. The whole day by the water was a setup; the nieces were bait. Her family was in on the gig, watching from behind the bushes and her sister was there with the trusty video camera to capture the entire proposal.

The icing on the cake, the Bridal Extravaganza Show selected Channing to be the Billboard Bride. Like a few lucky brides before her, her portrait will be on giant billboards all over the greater Houston area. Hundreds of thousands of motorists will see her beautiful smile during their daily commutes. Channing’s message to future brides: “resist pressures created by mainstream and social media.Forget about crazy, unrealistic expectations we put on ourselves based on Facebook, Pinterest, reality TV and Instagram. Work on being healthy, happy and being you.”
There is no perfect life, yet we race to meet “norms” we see on Facebook. Married right out of college, buy a house, have kids… That’s someone’s life, it may even be a good life, but don’t feel it has to be your life. It’s okay to feel something better is out there and search to find it.
Channing threw away a chance at the “normal life” and waited to find the right man.“I felt like I had nothing worthwhile to post on social media; no picture perfect engagement photos, no romantic weddings shots and definitely no cute, cuddly pictures of my non-existent kids! I started feeling bad about myself despite having a wonderful life. Looking back, I realize how foolish this was; however, it was a real struggle.”

Channing’s message to future brides: “resist pressures created by mainstream and social media.Forget about crazy, unrealistic expectations we put on ourselves based on Facebook, Pinterest, reality TV and Instagram. Work on being healthy, happy and being you.”

Many brides can have unrealistic expectations for their weddings too, wanting gowns, décor and more based on what they see on Facebook, Pinterest and reality TV.  “I’ve been to a ton of weddings and none of them look like the weddings I see on Pinterest. Why not? Because that isn’t the norm,” says Channing. “I’ve joked many times, my Pinterest wedding costs $90,000; my real wedding will cost 1/3 of that!”
Channing feels everyone’s fairytale comes true, some just take an alternate path; some have a different vision of what the fairytale may be. She encourages people to follow their hearts and souls, not buzzfeed.com.
Brian, the LSU Tiger, and Channing, the Texas A & M Aggie, are planning a fall wedding at Crystal Springs in Magnolia, TX. The one hitch to setting the hitching date: “Checking LSU’s football schedule,” she says. “Seriously!” It’s no Aggie joke; these two SEC rivals will have to find a way to get along during the annual LSU/A&M matchup.

Get this look:

Pixel Studio Productions
Hair and Makeup:
Fashion Face
Ventura’s Bridal Fashions
Dream Bouquet

BreAnna is the Bridal Extravaganza’s new billboard bride

BillBoard Bride


At Hardin Jefferson High School, BreAnna and Derrick never spoke. After high school, BreAnna’s brother, Jake and Derrick enlisted in the Marine Corps. At Jake’s graduation, BreAnna found herself sitting next to Derrick’s sister and dad. This was the first time the couple actually spoke to each other.

Over the following months, they kept running into each other, but soon, the boys, Jake and Derrick, were deployed to Afghanistan. BreAnna would constantly Skype her brother because she didn’t want him missing out on all the happenings of her senior year, and in the Skype sessions, she’d always make jokes about finding her a “marine-friend” who could take her to the Marine Ball.

To her surprise, she received a text from Derrick asking her to the Marine Ball. Unfortunately, they ended up not going and stopped talking for about a month due to coming home parties, but the spark between them could not be denied! In that time, BreAnna became best friends with Derrick’s sister Brooke, who is now her maid of honor. BreAnna is sure she and Derrick wouldn’t be where they are now without her.

Once BreAnna and Derrick started seriously “talking,” they caught themselves falling in love, but were both holding back because BreAnna was moving to California to attend acting school. They didn’t want to date due to the distance, but less than two weeks after BreAnna left, Derrick booked a flight to visit.  Soon they were exclusive.

BreAnna returned to Texas once she realized her life dream was to be with Derrick. Derrick proposed to her in front of all her family and closest friends, and now they’re getting ready for the best day of their lives.

Her theme is simple peacock with vibrant colors of turquoise, teal, lavender, and dark purple. She will be making her way down the aisle on May 16, 2015 in Welsh Louisiana.

What she wants to share:

“I want to show the world that time and distance are just bumps in the road if you are meant to be with someone. Dreams grow and love always prevails. I know because I am living a reality better than any fairytale I could dream.”


At the photo shoot:

Jenny Baugh Photography was tapped to bring this photo shoot to life with her creative photography techniques.

Hair and makeup provided by Exquisite Reflections.

Glorious gowns provided by Ventura’s Bridal Fashions

Two beautiful bouquets were crafted by F. Dellit Designs.

The shoot was captured on film for television by Complete.

An Ly Winter 2014

Billboard Bride An Ly

Loves Conquers All

An Ly and her fiancé Hiep Nguyen find love

By Laurette Veres


An Ly never gave up on love. She met Hiep Nguyen at the gym and it took him awhile to get the courage to speak to her. She knew he was the one on their first date.


On their second date things turned sad. Hiep found out both of his kidneys had been damaged by decease and he needed a transplant. The 26 year old luckily had a sister ready and willing to donate a kidney. Even luckier, the kidney was a 100% match for Hiep.


An was impressed with his positive attitude and how he grew as individual as he dealt with the fate he was given. “I fell in love with him during this time,” she says. “After five strong years of learning, growing, maturing and loving, we knew we were ready to take our life and relationship to the next level.”


An is a fan of the creative graffiti walls in Austin, Tx. Hiep used the public art she loved as a canvas for his proposal. Her cousin helped him set the stage. As she walked towards the wall, she saw pictures of she and Hiep; he got down on one knee, and the rest is history.


Amid tones of ivory, green and corral, she will walk down the aisle at Heaven on Earth event facility in her Mori Lee gown from Ventura’s Bridal on April 12, 2014. Following the service, An will host a Traditional tea ceremony in her home. Symbolically and culturally, this is where the couple’s union is official and they will be able to call each other’s parents mom and dad. She will wear traditional Chinese red and gold at this event, then change back into her wedding gown for the reception at Ocean Palace. One final change will bring back the red and the couple will visit each table, personally thanking 400 people for attending.


The bride-to-be is a graduate of Cypress Ridge High School and the University of Houston. She works as a project coordinator at Weatherford. Hiep is in new home sales at Cinco Ranch.


An is the latest real bride-to-be selected by the Bridal Extravaganza Show to appear on billboards citywide. “I would love to showcase to the world what true love and happiness are all about,” she says. “Being the Billboard Bride proves true love does exist and anyone can turn their dreams and fantasies into reality through hard work and commitment.”


Get this look:

Gown: Ventura’s Bridal

Photography: MD Turner

Hair & Makeup: Exquisite Reflections

Bouquet: Arteflora




Jasmine Vaughn Summer 2013

Jasmine’s commitment to others makes her a model for us all

Jasmin Vaughn Each summer, the Bridal Extravaganza Show selects a real Houston bride to appear on promotional billboards.  Out of the 5000 brides-to-be who attended the event, Jasmine was selected to represent future brides this summer. Her commitment to others made her stand out for the judges.

Jasmine teaches fifth grade in HISD. She made the decision to teach young children because she wanted to be a role model for future generations. As the billboard bride, she hopes to do the same for future brides and women everywhere.

This Westbury High School graduate attended Xavier University in Louisiana until Hurricane Katrina relocated her back to H-town. She graduated from Texas Southern University and joined Teach for America, the teaching program for inner city schools.  The program sent her away from family and friends to Atlanta, where she focused on the words to her mother’s favorite song and taught second graders. It was at this post in Georgia, she met her future husband.

As the billboard bride, Jasmine hopes to portray the poise, beauty, grace and sassy, fun side of being a bride.  She does not agree with the portrayal of brides as “Bridezillas.”


“This is one of the single most memorable, blissful times of a bride’s life,” says Jasmine.  “It’s a princess’ dream coming to life.”

Her message is one of strength and hope.  She believes we need strength to remain confident and remember our worth and value. Hope is for the future.  “As brides embark on a new journey with the love of their lives, they should smile from ear to ear,” she says.

The Bridal Extravaganza brought some of Houston’s best vendors to Jasmine’s photo shoot. Jasmine had the time of her life sifting through the gowns at Ventura’s Bridal.  “If it were up to me, I’d buy them all,” she says. On the North side of town, Chateau Cocomar’s 37,000 square-foot European style venue, sitting on seven acres, stunned Jasmine and the crew throughout the photo shoot.  Aaron Overcash from Loyd’s Photography & Video lent his photographic expertise; Jessica Ruggles, owner of Adorne Artistry, was on hand to complete Jasmine’s hair and makeup, and style the entire shoot in casual elegance.
The bejeweled bouquets provided by Emily Clair Bridal Accessories would make any bride go gaga!

All this work made the photography team hungry! Tammy Allen of Tammy Allen Premier Wedding Cakes came to the rescue with an assortment of cakes, cookies, cupcakes and cake pops. They were almost too beautiful to eat, almost. What a perfect way to please a crowd.

At the Bridal Extravaganza Show, thousands of brides, bridesmaids, mothers-of-the-bride, grooms, and wedding planners meet over 400 vendors in 700 display showcases.  Catering exclusively to the ever fashionable, stylish, and romantic wedding industry, this huge event draws marriage bound couples from all over Texas.


Ventura’s Bridal

Loyd’s Photography & Video

Adorne Artistry

Emily Clair Bridal

Billboard Bride: Kimberly Knappick, January 2013


Kimberly Knappick Prepares for Her Wedding and Her New Role as Bridal Extravaganza’s Billboard Bride

And the winner is …Kimberly Knappick, a local third grade teacher who is pursuing her Master’s Degree in counseling at the University of St. Thomas.  This fall, she will appear on billboards citywide to promote the upcoming Bridal Extravaganza Show, January 5-6.


Bride-to-be Kimberly Knappick was looking for wedding ideas and inspiration at the Bridal Extravaganza Show in July. She saw the popular contest for Houston’s next Billboard Bride and joined the line of marriage bound ladies having their photos taken; her photo from the show got her to the finals.

All finalists had beauty and a personality. Kimberly’s essay helped judges narrow the field and select her as the winner.  “In today’s society I believe appearance is influencing young girls. I believe in the role (as billboard bride) I would be able to set an example that appearance isn’t everything, happiness is what is important,” she wrote.  “I would be honored to take this opportunity not only to build my self-confidence, but the self-confidence of others.”
Her fiancé, Chris, was born on Valentine’s Day.  Kimberly says this means he is full of love. They met at a Houston Texans’ party.  “It was a fun- filled day of great food, games, and a Houston Texans win,” she says. “I knew love was in the air that day and every day thereafter.”
Just remembering the day she got engaged still makes Kimberly smile. Chris located pictures of the two of them from the time they started dating to present day, had them enlarged and placed them strategically to re-create a relationship timeline; complete with rose petals.  He proposed privately and the surprise continued at dinner where both families were anxiously waiting.  “It was the most memorable day of my life,” says Kimberly.   She couldn’t wait to tell the entire world she was engaged to Chris.
Kimberly and Chris are planning a spring wedding set to the tones of Tiffany blue, black and white.
But before the wedding you will see Kimberly smiling on Bridal Extravaganza Show billboards. “I was in shock when I found out I had won. I couldn’t believe it.  I am so excited and honored to be a part of this process in the happiest time of my life.”

How to Get Kimberly’s Look

Ventura’s Bridal,
Ventura’s Bridal wanted to express the latest trends in bridal, especially for Houston brides.  Currently, the timeless romantic look is receiving a lot of attention. Lace is the perfect way to get that romantic look and achieve the vintage aspect everyone is going for.
At this shoot, a full ball gown with straps and a Mermaid lace gown with a soft touch of feathers were featured.  The feather gown is set aside for the fashionista bride who is looking for the Uptown chic, yet very romantic feel.

Loyd’s Photography & Video, loydsphoto.com
Aaron Overcash, owner of Loyd’s Photography & Video was on hand to capture perfect photographs. He liked the Hotel ZaZa’s contemporary, edgy look.  “It goes well with Kimberly’s personality and the gowns,” he says. Overcash suggests meeting a photographer ahead of time; get to know their personality. You are creating memories to last a lifetime.  “There will be many details you might not remember, and you will appreciate having professional photographs to commemorate the day,” he says.

Hotel ZaZa, HotelZaZa.com
The uniquely historic hotel ZaZa is the pride and joy of Houston, Texas. The unique interior is like none other and offers a generous array of creative ideas. Hotel ZaZa takes your fantasy wedding and transforms it into something unexpected.

Floral designer Ines Negrin found inspiration from the gowns and the vintage theme.  “I want everything to be perfect,” she says.  Her design process involves the bride as she learns details about the gowns and the feeling the bride is trying to achieve.  A trend now is to add details on the base of the bouquet’s stem.  For this shoot, she incorporated birdcage netting, lace and feathers.
Another big trend today is a mono-chromatic bouquet which is the blending of very similar colors into one another.  Ines is also seeing different shapes.  “We’ve been seeing a lot of rounded bouquets and it’s refreshing to see something different, she says.

Adorne Artistry,
“The first step is to have a trial run for your hair and makeup.  We want the bride to feel comfortable,” says Jessica Ruggles, owner of Adorne Artistry. Kimberly is a teacher, so she typically does not wear a lot of makeup.  “Yesterday we did an airbrush tan to create a flawless canvas for us to work with,” says Jessica. The look for the billboard bride is a soft, smoky eye, soft cheek and pink lip.
“Choosing a hair and makeup company is a very important investment,” she says.  “Look for one who is true to your personal style.”