Your wedding is your special moment

By Marian Jacob

In this digital age of devices, social media and photo-sharing apps, it can be difficult to truly enjoy that sacred moment between a bride and groom as they say “I Do”. Yes hashtags, selfies, and snaps do have their place, but that’s what your photographer is there for. A wedding ceremony deserves the same undivided attention you would give in a church service, business meeting and theatre (they ask you not to take photos). Consider having guests disconnect from their devices for the ceremony, then allow guests to share the special moment afterwards “plug-in” for the reception.





By Marian Jacobs

A unique wedding hashtag for your guests to use when sharing is a great way to get your wedding party involved with wedding photos on your special day. Use your names, wedding date, nicknames, theme, wedding location, or something funny and cute to create a memorable hashtag. Creating a unique hashtag is not that hard, the key is picking something sweet and simple. You can also use a hashtag generator like the one from WeddingWire to help you come with a custom hashtag. See below for some sample hashtags to give some inspiration. Include your wedding hashtag on the Save-The-Dates and the wedding website to let your guests know the clever hashtag you have come up with. Make sure to also place signage in your ceremony and reception to remind guests to use your wedding hashtag throughout the special day!


#HappilyEver(last name)





Podcast Episode II: Bling Your Own Bouquet

Entrepreneur Sheronda Carl from Bling Your Own Bouquet asked the question:

why are most bridal bouquets are so plain?

Inspiration struck after Sheronda’s wedding. After making a few samples, and bouncing her ideas off of friends and family, this creative lady had firmly cemented her designs. Bling Your Own Bouquet was born, providing brides with their own designer bouquet wraps for that extra special touch.

In Episode II of the Bridal Extravaganza Podcast, we chat with Sheronda about becoming an online retailer.

Find out answers to these questions and more! Enjoy Episode II!

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Your Wedding Pics in One Place


By Marian Jacob

Your wedding day is a once in life time event to be remembered. Yes, a professional photographer is still very important for your wedding. But why not have all the pictures taken (by guests) from that special day in one place? The latest photo-sharing apps allow guests to take pictures with their phones and share them through social media. This is also a great keepsake for the couple to save and download for display or share with others. For more information, check out these top rated apps; WedPics, Eversnap, WedSocial, Capsule, Wedding Party.

The #1 photo & video App for your wedding

BOTW: Uwaila Osemwota

Uwaila Osemwota

On June 11, 2016, my now fiancé Walter proposed to me. A week or so before that day Walter informed me that he wanted to take me out to a nice restaurant just because we hadn’t been out in awhile. He told me that he would be wearing a suit and that I should make sure that I had an outfit suitable for a five start restaurant (because he knows I enjoy dressing up). The days leading up to our extravagant date I was very excited because we both needed to distress and enjoy each other’s company. I did not think much of it until we were on our way to this surprise five star restaurant and Walter all of a sudden realizes that he forgot his wallet on my couch when picking me up from my home. “Oh wow Uwaila, I think we’re going to have to turn around to go get it” he said. “Well what about our reservations? Aren’t we going to lose them?”  I replied. Despite our reservation time Walter decided to turn around to get his wallet. At this time I was a bit irritated because I was quite hungry and was not sure how much longer I could go for.  We finally arrived at my house about 30 minutes later and to my surprise when I came into the house I heard, “Surprise!” My house was filled with family and friends. When I got over the shock, that was when my love Walter asked me to be his and I said YES! The date of our wedding is expected to be August 26, 2017, but has not been confirmed yet.  I could not decide on a picture so here are a few. Thank you for considering me to be a billboard bride.

Rajani Obeso: the New Billboard Bride

Rajani radiates elegant and grace at the Moffitt Oaks Bridal Suite.


The Right Catch

Rajani radiates elegant and grace at the Moffitt Oaks Bridal Suite.

Rajani Obeso met Daniel Alvarado in Catholic education classes. At the time, they were freshmen in high school and had barely spoken, yet definitely had their eyes on each other. In ninth grade, she told her mom she wanted Daniel to be her boyfriend but it wasn’t until their senior year that she finally got the courage to text him. “That night we both confessed to each other that we had always had a crush on one another,” she said.

Daniel asked Rajani to prom while at her parent’s house in The Woodlands, the same place where eight years later, he would propose. They had both graduated from Texas Tech University and were back in the Houston area when Daniel made up his mind that he wanted to propose on Thanksgiving Day.  He came up with a perfect plan and gave the family a week’s notice. The couple spent the first part of Thanksgiving Day with Daniel’s family.  On the way to Rajani’s parent’s house they stopped for gas. This gave his family time to rush to her house and get into position.
When the couple entered the house, no one answered when she yelled hello. Then Daniel grabbed her hand and led her to the living room where she caught her first glimpse of the candlelit backyard. “It was a perfectly romantic and love-filled scene that completely took my breath away,” she said.

The setting included a small tree hung with pictures of the couple, a heart-shaped cake and chilled champagne. Their dog, Geo, appeared wearing a chalkboard sign around his neck that asked “Will you marry my dad?”

That weekend, they watched Texas Tech play at Cowboy’s Stadium in Dallas and spent the weekend celebrating their engagement!

They began to plan for their January 2018 wedding in Houston, Texas. Rajani attended the Bridal Extravaganza Show and applied for a chance to become the next Billboard Bride. Out of more than 300 brides, she was selected to represent the Bridal Extravaganza on billboards all over the city.

The whirlwind experience began at Ventura’s Bridal Fashions, where she looked lovely in an array of beautiful gowns. The Billboard Bride photo shoot took place at Moffitt Oaks, a premier wedding event venue. Andy Hopper from H-E-B Blooms Design Studio created two bouquets for the occasion. The team at Simple Beauty Artistry provided hair and make-up. The husband and wife photography team of Ana and Ivan Garcia were on hand to capture every moment of the day. All the details fell beautifully into place for this lucky Billboard Bride.


This season’s Billboard Bride Contributors:

Ventura’s Bridal Fashions -

ANAandIVANphotography -

Simple Beauty Artistry -

Moffitt Oaks -

H-E-B Blooms Design Studio -

Monarch Limousines -



BOTW: Jocelyn Litton

Jocelyn Litton
Nick and I met a couple of months before he graduated from high school, and though he already had plans to enlist into the Marine Corp that summer, giving us very low chance of staying together, we still decided to date. He left that summer on my 18th birthday. For three months, our only way of communication was through letters. After graduating from basic training that October, he was stationed to 29 Palms, CA, and I was stuck in Texas finishing my final year of high school. We continued date however, and saw each other briefly throughout the year. After graduating high school, I began college at Texas A&M University, while Nick was given orders to Okinawa, Japan. We still continued to date. [Read more...]

BOTW: Mukosolu Nweke

Mukosolu Nweke

So the way he proposed to me was everything and more. He ask if I wanted to go to the bridal extravaganza with him and his mom and my best friend and I asked him why would I go there. That’s only for married people. So he then got on one knee and asked me, well if it’s for married people why don’t you marry me? I was so shocked at the moment I began to cry. All of my family and his family were all there and it just made my day. I’m so happy to be marrying him on July 8, 2017.

BOTW: Gabriel Brown

Gabriel Brown

It is very exciting to hear that we have been picked as one of your finalist for this year! You have no idea how much! I will try to keep my response to the point. I can only imagine how carried away some get in responding to your email. My fiancé and I actually met in the toothbrush aisle in Walmart. It was one of those double take moments when someone walks by you that is attractive and you can’t help but look twice! He stopped to look at the cheaper brand and I mustered up the courage to inform him that it’s better to invest in a good toothbrush if he didn’t want to be right back to buy another one. Let him tell it he spoke to me first, but we both know the truth lol. We have been together for around 4 years. I know, a little longer than most but we both wanted to invest time into getting to know each other COMPLETELY before marriage.  We both have only wanted to say “I Do” to one person. He proposed to me by writing me a 4 page letter while I was away visiting family. He told me he was sending a package in the mail but didn’t specify what it was. After two days of calling to see if it had arrived,it came in the mail. Now my fiancé is truly one of a kind and has to be original in everything he does, and I do mean everything! He wrote out in a 4 page letter how he had fallen in love with me for 4 years over and over again! If you can only imagine reading this letter in my mothers living room balling crying reading this letter. [Read more...]

BOTW: Uchechi Azuike

Uchechi Azuike
My proposal story actually starts months before the actual proposal. My fiance Steve went to with his father to meet with my father to officially ask for my hand in marriage and get my parent’s blessing. Unfortunately for him, my dad couldn’t let it be easy so he did not give his answer right away. After letting him sweat it out for a few days, he finally got the call from my dad to officially give him his blessing. Steve then called each of my 3 siblings in order and also asked for their blessing before proposing to their baby sister.

My whole family was in on it after this and knew everything before I did. I don’t know how he pulled it off, both of our schedules are pretty difficult to work around. He had just finished taking the Texas Bar Exam and I was in my first year of my pediatric residency. Being a pediatric resident, I don’t have a lot of time off, especially on weekends. Steve had me make sure I requested at least one Saturday off during one of my busiest months.  Then he recruited my sisters and my brother to help him. The weekend before the proposal my older sister had me meet her at the galleria too look for outfits and told me that we would be going to a fashion show on the upcoming Saturday. [Read more...]