BOTW: Annie Pilgrim

Annie Pilgrim

I LOVE my proposal story!

Brady Holcomb has been such a special part of my life for a long time. We met and began dating when we were juniors in high school and continued dating through the first two years of college. Last year, after graduating from SHSU, he enlisted in the U.S. Navy. We reconnected before he left for basic training and A School. He came home before he began his assignment in San Diego. We knew then that together forever was what we both wanted.

Brady was deployed a few short weeks later and our communications were in the form of emails and letters for the next 7 months. There were phone calls when his ship was in port in various places. It was always so great to hear his voice! As hard as it was for me missing him at holidays and just hanging out, I knew I couldn’t imagine what his sacrifice must be like. I was so excited to join his mother and father to welcome the ship back into San Diego May 15 of this year. It was an honor and privilege to be with other military families as they anxiously watched the ship come into port with their loved ones. [Read more...]


BOTW: Kashara Smith

Kashara Smith
On December 9th, 2016, my church had a “Family Game Night” which allowed for good food, fun, and fellowship with the people that I love. Coincidentally, December 9th is also my birthday, so I invited ALL of my friends and family to come celebrate my birthday at my church for the Game night. My fiancé invited some of his friends and family as well!

As the night went on, we shared laughs, smiles and lots of good food! In the middle of the game of “Family Fued”, my pastor asked everyone to direct their attention to the front of the church. I saw my mother and cousin walk up with a microphone. In my head I was thinking “I hope my mom is not about to sing lol” (she can’t sing to save her life, but she thinks that she is Beyoncé). Instead, my cousin and my mother began to read a monologue about the Game of Chess. Initially I thought it was entertainment for the game night, hence the monologue was about “chess”. I later found out that I was wrong. The monologue detailed the battle and combat of strength between the King piece and the Queen piece in the Game of chess. The more the monologue went on I started to realize that I had heard this before. When Darius and I first started dating he let me read some of the poetry and pieces that he had written in his college days, which I thought was so romantic. [Read more...]

BOTW: Amanda Warren

Amanda Warren
My fiancé, Kyle, had accepted a job that had him leaving Houston the second week of May and returning the second week of August. I was bummed we were going to miss an entire summer together, but I knew this was something that he really wanted to do. I was expecting him to return on Wednesday, August 10 but little did I know, he had returned Saturday, August 6th with a plan and a ring.

My cousin, Emma, and I had just returned from Florida on Saturday and decided to stop by my mom’s house. My mom suggested that we come over tomorrow for dinner to catch up and tell her all about our vacation. The next day, after shopping with Emma and my best friend Kiki, we head over to my mom’s house for dinner. We arrive at my mom’s and I walked through the garage door to get to the kitchen like I always do and I am surprised to see ALL of my family and friends standing in the house, staring at me like a deer in headlights. I was confused until I saw my dad and stepmom, which told me something was up, so I asked, “Where’s Kyle?” to no answer. [Read more...]

BOTW: Brisa Contreras

Brisa Contreras

So before I tell you about my fairytale dream come true, I want to give you a brief background about my Fiancé and I so you can understand our circumstances. I, Brisa Monique Contreras, am a proud Fightin’ Texas Aggie, Class of 2017 currently working towards my Bachelor’s Degree on a path towards my Master’s as a Physician Assistant.  My Fiancé, Corey Austin Ray, is a former A&M student and Aggie baseball player.  He is currently pitching in the minor leagues for the Kansas City Royals. We both work hard towards our dreams and our dreams require quite a bit of our time, which gives us less time to be together. So, 2 weeks before Corey had to leave for spring training and the baseball season this year, a total of 7 months time away from home, we decided to treat ourselves to a romantic get away weekend for Valentines Day in San Antonio. We checked into our hotel Friday night and the next morning we got up and spent most of the day at the San Antonio Zoo. The weather was perfect and we had such a great time. We even got to feed the giraffes; something both of us had never done before. I thought that was going to be the highlight of my day, but little did I know. Tired and exhausted, we went back to our hotel for a quick nap and shower before dinner. [Read more...]

BOTW: Lisa Villareal

Lisa Villareal

The day Kevin propose was no regular day I woke up feeling refreshed and great that day I went to work and was super excited about our dinner that we were celebrating Mother’s Day early given and we have been together for eight years we had just celebrated our sons first birthday and I knew that it was time that we finally made our family whole. That evening my mom was so eager to babysit which being a Thursday was a little unusual but I could just see the excitement in her eyes for us to go and have a nice dinner.Once we arrived to dinner we talked about our past and future and what we wanted out of life, what our future goals were.We talked about his mother whom we unfortunately lost in 2007. It was the hardest thing that I have gone through. [Read more...]

BOTW: Liezl Querubin

Liezl Querubin

Thousands of pink rose petals, carefully scattered through the hallways of our building, creating a path from the elevator to the front door of our apartment. The classic sounds of Abbey Road emanating from the turntable in the corner of the room. A romantic, home-cooked dinner on the kitchen table, complete with place settings and dinner napkins. A nice bottle of wine, set out to breathe in the decantur, and ready to be enjoyed along side some chocolate covered strawberries for dessert. According to Richie, this was exactly how his proposal plan was supposed to unfold. But several missed connections with the FedEx truck, a last minute trip to Europe, and a few mishaps all conspired together to derail his meticulous plans. The events leading up to our proposal did not follow a page out of the typical “fairy tale” romance playbook. In fact, our story reads more like a modern day screenplay collaboration between the creators of Seinfeld and Peter Sellers’ Pink Panther: a farcical comedy of errors, complete with work deadlines, uncannily bad timing, and the all too familiar headache of shipping delays from ordering online. It was stressful. It was a bit of a mess. It was not at all what he intended it to be. And it was absolutely perfect. Richie’s plans for our proposal couldn’t have veered any further from their intended course. The whole process was delayed several times, and simultaneously, it was put under a severe, last-minute time crunch.  His original plan was to propose to me on my birthday, May 4th. This would have been both meaningful and timely, as it would allow me to show off my engagement ring to my coworkers at my school’s annual end of the year party. [Read more...]

BOTW: Jacquelyn Kellar

Jacquelyn Kellar

My fiancé proposed in the most surprising, perfect way. He had a “surprise” planned for our anniversary and had my parents drive me blindfolded to the beach, which has been my favorite spot since childhood. We arrived and he opened the car door and asked me to take a walk. However, there was some pretty bad weather and it was windy and drizzly, but I didn’t care. We walked down to this driftwood log with bouquets of flowers all over it along with a large wine bottle with a letter in it. He took it out and read it, and it was addressed to him, telling him to ask me to marry him and to never let me go. So he did :) he got on one knee and the image of the waves crashing behind him as he proposed with a ring is burned in my memory forever.

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BOTW: Lindsay Carter

Lindsay Carter

My fiancé and me celebrated our 12th anniversary this April. We met in Junior High School at an annual carnival in our hometown. I would have never thought that 13 years later we would be getting married!

We have gone through many stages of life together; high school, college, and now adulthood. We have both found a passion in fitness, health, and bodybuilding. We have been competing in bodybuilding shows for three years now and placed top 5 last year at the Branch Warren Classic here in Houston, which qualified us for Nationals. [Read more...]

A Mini-moon Escape

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By: Marian Jacob